Many within the EU parliament have a superiority complex towards Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots.

Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan warned the EU that Turkey would freeze the EU-Turkey negotiations if the Greek Cypriots ran the EU presidency before a solution is found in Cyprus.

Let’s remind that neither the Greek Cypriot side nor the Turkish Cypriot side can represent the whole island internationally.

Well Turkey warned the EU but emphasised that in spite of the “No” of the Greek Cypriots to the Annan plan for the reunfication of Cyprus in 2004, and in spite of the blatant lack of willingness of the Greek side to find a solution to the Cypriot problem, it still supports the reunification of Cyprus.

Very revealing behaviour:

Mr Erdoğan warned the EU, but immediately the notorious anti-Turkey circles within the EU such as the christian democrats became angry and said: The negotiations must be stopped.

They proved once more that they have a superiority complex towards Turkey.

Turkey stated that it would freeze – during 6 months – the EU-Turkey negotiations but the anti-Turkey groups couldn’t tolerate that declaration.

Apparently Turkey can’t criticise the EU because the EU is a too civilized union.

These anti-Turkey groups consider the Turks (and the Turkish Cypriots) as second class human beings.

That is a superiority complex based on religion. That is unfortunately the painting of the current situation.

Two weeks ago a political adviser of a member of the EU parliament told ABHaber (article in Turkish):

I’ve been working at the EU parliament for 6 years. When Turkey is dealt with some people press the button and everybody bestir themselves and ensure that the Turkey dossier is concluded negatively. Difficult to understand. There is an unnamed anti-Turkey mechanism at the EU parliament. Completely organized.

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PS. I previously wrote that the Turkish Cypriots will be officially recognized by several countries if the Greek side keeps sabotaging the peace (with the help of Sarkozy and Merkel and Austria).

Yesterday a Turkish Cypriot leader stated that if no solution is found in 2012, Northern Cyprus will be officially recognized: that is the “B plan” of the Turkish Cypriots.

Well will the EU finally ask the Greek side to find a solution with the Turkish side?

Will the EU prevent the world from being more divided?

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