Somalia and Africa

It is said that only 1 billion dollars can save the people in Somalia. So what is the world – which produces much more than what it consumes – doing?

You can transfer some money to one of these Turkish banks and help the people and their children in Somalia.

I knew the campaign suggested by that site of the Turkish Prime Ministry through TV. I had confidence in it so I sent some money. I would not have sent a single cent if I wasn’t sure that my money would be used for Somalia.

Many campaigns in France and Turkey are real swindles. It’s usual. A big part of the money is not sent to the countries in distress.

But I do trust that Turkish campaign.

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PS. The situation of many people in Africa is as the same as the one of the Somalis.

To send them food and medecine is very important, these are minimum supports.

But that’s not enough, for instance because they too need bathrooms. Will their needs be met?

However they must not be condemned permanently to foreign assistance. Turkey, the EU, Russia, China and the United States of America – at the top – have to do the necessary.

Well, will they do it?

I’m happy and proud because Turkey has started this job with many promising projects.

It has been sending thousands of tons of foodstuffs and medecine (I invite you to read the first short articles mentioned in that post).

But it also for instance plans to build a real hospital in Somalia (in addition to six field hospitals).

It also aims at bringing the peace between the Somalis. According to the president of Somalia, the peace is crucial.

PPS. I wonder, what has the UN been doing for years?

As a human being, I am ashamed of that situation. We are in the 21st century.

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