Hélène Flautre stated last year that many politicians and governments of the European Union are jealous of Turkey’s role in its regions such as the Middle East and the Balkans. She is right, because several politicians (as well as several media) proved it again. They are also disturbed of a politically – and economically – powerful Turkey.

According to a German newspaper, Elmar Brok – the notorious Turkey hater (who is Merkel’s right-hand) – said that Turkey has neo-Ottoman policies in the Middle East.

That is not true. That is jealousy and a lie that aims at discrediting Turkey. Elmar Brok and the CDU/CSU are disturbed of Turkey’s job in the Middle East.

Turkish minister for foreign affairs Ahmet Davutoğlu stated again several weeks ago that Turkey has no neo-Ottoman policies.

In fact, Turkey only aims at maintaining stability and propagating the peace through economy, culture and political dialogue.

Yes, Turkey is improving its ties with the countries of the Middle East. But it is also improving its ties with the countries of the Balkans (Mr Davutoğlu succeeded in gathering together the foreign ministers of Serbia and Bosnia last year at Istanbul on the Bosphorus), South America, Africa or Asia. It is also improving its ties with Russia (the visas are lifted).

So what’s the problem?

Turkey is restoring its relations with all its neighbours, that is very positive, that is normal, that is not a neo-Ottoman policy. That is a Zero problem with the neighbours strategy.

But what should Turkey do? Build a big wall at its frontiers?

Those who claim that Turkey has neo-Ottoman ambitions are actually disturbed of what Turkey is doing and have a dark hidden agenda.

The EU countries have economic relations with the countries of the Middle East, but that’s not a problem.

But when it comes to Turkey, some politicians point their finger at Turkey.

Pointing one’s finger at Turkey is actually à la mode.

By the way, what is the role of France in Africa? Or what is the role of France and the UK in Libya? What should we think about that?

Elmar Brok also called into question Turkey’s commitment regarding its EU membership.

What a low level.

Mr Brok still proves that he is a politician who is not serious and credible (he was not able to give an answer to Mr Graham Watson about Turkey at the EU parliament earlier this year).

Let’s remind that Mr Brok said: We (CSU/CDU) will do whatever the Greek Cypriots will ask us.

The EU-Turkey negotiations are frozen because the CSU/CDU, Sarkozy and Austria manipulate the Cypriot issue. They are well and truly hiding behind the Greeks and Greek Cypriots. Some EU observers of the Cypriot dossier, several French socialists as well as Jack Straw denounced that disgraceful situation.

Eventually, Turkey has not solely outstanding economic results (a British institution said a few months ago that the EU is jealous of the economic performance of Turkey), it also has promising foreign policies. The CDU/CSU with Elmar Brok and Merkel, hand in hand with the christian democrats of the EU, Sarkozy and Austria, are disturbed and jealous of Turkey. They are against its EU membership and block it through well known double standards and ludicrous political reasons, but at the same time they reproach it for deepening its relations with the countries of the Middle East. They freeze with impunity Turkey’s EU membership process but state that Turkey’s foreign policy is not in line with their (catastrophic) policy (however, the EU commission stated that Turkey’s foreign policy is in line with its EU membership). Turkey improves its political, cultural and economic relations with its neighbours because it has the need and the duty to do so, not because the EU-Turkey negotiations are sabotaged. The current EU is a circus. Let’s hope that the true EU will soon be visible on the horizon.

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PS. I wish I suggested that great news published today by Anadolu Ajansı.

I quote:

The International League of Humanists decided to decorate Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoğlu with the “Leader of the 21st Century Award”.

“This year, we decided to present Davutoğlu with the Leader of the 21st Century Award for his contribution to peace and dialogue in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Balkans. Turkey and Davutoğlu have made significant contributions to Bosnia-Herzegovina. Especially Davutoğlu has played a leading role in detente among breakaway countries from the former Yugoslavia. Davutoğlu is a leader who paved the way for peace and dialogue in the Balkans. Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian members of the association made this decision jointly”, he said.

Surlan said, “We attach great importance to Davutoğlu’s mission in the Balkans and in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Because he well-knows our problems and our history. On numerous occasions, Davutoğlu said that he wanted to see Bosnia-Herzegovina as a modern country.”

“Each time I listen to him, I am really impressed with Davutoğlu. He is a diplomat, writer, historian, philosopher and humanist. He attaches equal importance to each nation”, he added.

The International League of Humanists has members in 160 countries. Its primary objective is promotion of worldwide peace and human rights.

I’m proud to be a human being thanks to people like Ahmet Davutoğlu.

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