British prime minister Mr David Cameron is disappointing for two reasons.

To begin with, he visited Turkey last year and stated that he would strongly support Turkey’s EU membership cause within the European Union.

But as far as I know, he has done nothing. No fight against Sarkozy and Merkel. On the contrary, he teamed up with them so that the next long term EU budget (2014-2020) isn’t very increased. Hence, Turkey’s EU membership isn’t foreseen through that budget. I feel betrayed because he didn’t stand to his 2010 commitment.

Then, Mr Cameron decided to make a surprise visit to Libya with Sarkozy (yes, that visit was not planned). I don’t know who had this pathetic idea but I would never have believed that Mr Cameron would fall so low.

In fact, Turkish prime minister Mr Erdoğan was expected to be in Libya today after his planned visits of Egypt (last wednesday) and Tunisia (yesterday). Thus it is very probable that Sarkozy and Mr Cameron decided to be in Libya yesterday before the Turkish prime minister in order to be seen as the “saviours” of Libya. I read several Turkish and other European newspapers that conveyed that.

Well, what a low level. We in France (and in the EU) are used to witnessing such despicable acts from Sarkozy.

But I would never have expected such a childish behaviour from British prime minister David Cameron.

In conclusion, that ridiculous surprise visit to Libya confirms once more that the EU is jealous of Turkey. My previous article introduces that jealousy which Hélène Flautre denounced last year. I published that article last wednesday, and Cameron’s “visit of jealousy” occured the day after. What a coincidence!

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PS. I am not Gary Hobson in Early Edition! (Gary – Kyle Chandler – receives every morning at 06:30 the Chicago Sun-Times of the following day. Great series. I love its opening credits. The French title is Demain à la une).

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  1. Cem you are trying to find answers.Cameron is British he serves for British interest.don’t think he will stand by word.British are good at charming that’s how they robbed maharajahs in India and strip bare china.the great east India company. Didn’t sarkozy let a camel tent in front champ de elyse palace before for gadafi.

    All the answers are in front of your eyes. The world is cruel.of course he dislodge gadafi spent money on the war they need BP to get contracts not TAPAO of turkey.majority of British pension fund invested in BP. So that’s how the money reaches British people.got it

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