Joschka Fischer stated yesterday through El Pais that Turkey has neo-Ottoman policies because Merkel and Sarkozy froze Turkey’s EU membership process.

Following many politicians and media, Mr Joschka Fischer is wrong. Turkey has no neo-Ottoman policies but a Zero problem with the neighbours policy. Is it so difficult to understand?

Turkey doesn’t deepen its ties with its neighbours because the EU-Turkey negotiations process is sabotaged but because it has to do it. Why entertain good relations with one’s neighbour states would be abnormal?

Turkey doesn’t deepen its ties with the countries of the Middle East because these countries are of Muslim religion but quite simply because they are its neighbours. And let’s recall that Turkey is freezing its military and political relations with Syria. Is that a neo-Ottoman policy?

Besides, Turkey also improves its ties with Russia, Georgia and Serbia, though these countries are not of Muslim religion.

I’d like to remind this article of TRT English that conveys Mr Davutoğlu’s thoughts about those who claim that Turkey has neo-Ottoman ambitions:

Davutoğlu evaluates Turkish foreign policy

Davutoğlu said that some, in their analysis of Turkey, are making mistakes in taking proper snapshots of the official process.

He said further that the presence in the brains of these people of a single picture where Turkey’s relations with Iran, the Balkans and the Middle East are concerned is easily leading to incorrect interpretations of developments.

Davutoğlu said that having a lot of pictures about what is happening in order to comprehend the changes in foreign policy is a must and noted a correct analysis without seeing these changes cannot be possible.

Davutoğlu also warned, regarding the matter of process, that an important major element will be missing in foreign policy analyses made without understanding the political changes in the economic and social life.

Foreign Minister Davutoğlu also said that there is need for a new global restoration and Turkey is engaged in a process of restoration regarding its society, politics and economy.

Ahmet Davutoğlu’s analysis about his so-called neo-Ottoman policies is crystal clear, isn’t it?

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PS. Does the news below confirm a neo-Otttoman policy? Certainly not. It is an example of the true role and commitment of Turkey with two of its European allies:

Davutoglu discusses UN resolution on mediation – June 26th 2011

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu had telephone conversations with Norwegian and Finnish Foreign Ministers following the UN mediation decision taken with the initiative of Turkey.

Diplomatic sources said that Davutoğlu discussed the UN General Assembly decision and regional issues in his telephone conversations with Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store and Finnish Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb.

UN General Assembly had passed a resolution on June 22 with the initiative of Turkey and Finland to strengthen mediation for the solution of international problems through peaceful means.

A Foreign Ministry statement said that Turkey will keep its leading position in mediation matters.

PPS. Another useful reminder about Mr Davutoğlu (I quote myself – a former post):

“Some US diplomats and lobbies within the American administration want to make people believe that Mr Davutoğlu is dangerous. That is really ridiculous, that is a disgraceful lie that aims at discrediting Turkey and him. Why? Because these diplomats are disturbed of the political power of Turkey in its regions such as the Middle East or the Balkans. Otherwise, why would they say that? Well have they any positive intention in the Middle East? These corrupt diplomats and their shadowy lobbies are disturbed of the peace that Mr Davutoğlu is spreading. Actually those who are dangerous are the US politicians and their lobbies that created the so-called war in Iraq (and the so-called first Gulf War). They invaded Iraq, they are responsible for the death of more than one million Iraqi citizens, and they dare attack Turkey and its minister for foreign affairs (who did not authorize the USA to attack Iraq from Turkey). Unbelievable. But who can believe that insane US propaganda?

Here is Mr Davutoğlu’s answer to these politicians (I quote from the Hürriyet Daily News):

Yes, I’m extremely dangerous for those who want to have instability in our region. I’m extremely dangerous for those who want to create new tensions,” Davutoğlu told a press roundtable in a Washington hotel.

Well, Turkey is not shifting to the east (anyway that doesn’t mean anything, does it?), Turkey is shifting to the peace. Whereas the USA are shifting to war.

(By the way, the EU is shifting to the double standards. Why does the EU deal with the reasons for which Turkey should be an EU member? No need to be in the search for any reason to justify Turkey’s EU membership. Because the EU has not to convince itself about a decision that it has already made. Well, why have not questionned the benefits for the EU of the EU membership of the former candidates to the union? Why did not the EU and the EU media ask for the benefits of the EU membership of Greece, South Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, …..?).”

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