The politicians and the media who say that Turkey is an Islamic democracy are mistaken or ignorant. Turkey is a democratic and secular republic. And unlike several EU countries, it is an independent country.

Turkey is a modern republic. Only then we can say that it is a country – mainly – of Muslim religion. When we refer to France or Belgium, do we say that they are Christian democracies?

Besides, people in the EU don’t know Islam and have prejudices or are afraid of it because the media make a continuous brainwashing regarding that religion that actually advocates the peace.

There is no moderate Islam. Those within the EU who claim that are wrong.

It’s true that Turkey is the only democracy among the countries of Muslim religion. But those who say that democracy is possible in Turkey owing to a moderate Islam are mistaken or…..true liars who have both bad intentions and a superiority complex.

Turkey is a democracy and secular republic thanks to Atatürk and his citizens as well as the Turkish army.

In fact the Turkish citizens have always safeguarded Atatürk’s Turkey against numerous domestic and foreign menaces. The Turkish citizens’ identity is based on Atatürk, not religion.

In other words, the Turkish national consciousness is deeply rooted to Atatürk.

And the next brand new constitution of Turkey (which will be ready next year) will help Turkey to be democratically stronger than ever.

Well, the so-called Muslims who advocate violence or war by refering to Islam can’t be considered as Muslims. They too don’t know Islam, and they certainly don’t represent the Muslims because someone who believes in God can’t kill.

It is the duty of every EU citizen not to allow some terrorists to take Islam and all the Muslims of the world hostages.

It is the duty of every EU citizen not to allow the EU media and some politicians to take Islam and all the Muslims of the world hostages.

Why do numerous media criticise and introduce Islam as a religion that supports violence?

To put it in a nutshell, Turkey is a democratic and secular republic whose true identity is based on Atatürk and whose religious identity is Islam. On the one hand let’s remind that France, Portugal and Turkey are the only secular countries of Europe. On the other hand let’s remind that Islam, as all our main religions, breathes peace and brotherhood.

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PS. Turkey is not a model for the Arabian countries. But as some Turkish politicians emphasised it (the first time it was Mr Abdullah Gül in 2004 at Istanbul), it can be a source of inspiration.

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