World Economic Forum to be held in Istanbul from now on – October 11th 2011

Cüneyd Zapsu Consultancy Inc. CEO Cüneyd Zapsu stated yesterday that the World Economic Forum meeting which has been previously held in Davos would be organized in Istanbul each year from now on. Zapsu added that as part of an agreement reached with Professor Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, the next meeting would be held on July 19-22, 2012 in Istanbul.

“Europeanize talks in Cyprus, if UN plan fails” – October 12th 2011

The talks in Cyprus are already europeanised. Actually the problem is the blatant conspiracy against Turkey’s EU membership that is based on the Greek Cypriots’ 2004 illegal EU membership.

I quote:

“It’s hard to understand why the situation on an island with one-fourth as many inhabitants as Ankara determines the fate of 75 million Turks and 450 million Europeans”.

Yes, a very strange and scandalous situation.

FM assessment of the EU progress report – October 13th 2011

A written statement by the Foreign Ministry says that the EU report concentrates on certain shortfalls rather than the headway made and is far from being objective and just.

The statement in which the Progress Report has been comprehensively appraised says it fails to make a sufficient note of the progress registered by Turkey in many fields, centering at times on minute details and generalizations.

The statement says further that Turkey’s determination to join the EU is as strong as ever and work for accession will be continued with increased acceleration.

The paragraph in the EU Progress Report urging Turkey to increase its efforts to finding a solution to the Cyprus problem is said to have met with astonishment.

No surprise as far as I’m concerned.

Boyner: “Turkey has become the country of future” – October 13th 2011

Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (TUSIAD) Chairman Ümit Boyner said yesterday that Turkey’s dynamic growth potential and rapidly developing investment climate would provide Turkey with more capital.

Speaking at the Investment in Turkey Texas Pacific Group (TPG) Perspective Conference, Boyner said that Turkey has now really become the country of future, stressing that important changes have occurred and strong and effective structural reforms have been carried out in Turkey since the economic crisis of 2001.

“We hope that the growth rate will climb to 7% in 2011 under present conditions. The energy, real estate, infrastructure and finance sectors will offer a great potential in the future,” said Boyner.

Speaking in his part, Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (MUSIAD) Chairman Ömer Cihad Vardan said that the growth in production and industry has greatly contributed to Turkey’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth, adding that 99% of enterprises in Turkey consist of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and that they aim to improve and develop the SMEs and boost their contribution to the country’s economy.

Turkey puts on the brake in economic growth – October 14th 2011

Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan predicts that Turkey’s economy will grow by 7.5 percent this year and its growth rate will decrease in 2012 in parallel to a decline in figures in the world and Europe.

Babacan and Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek announced Medium Term Program for Turkish economy in Ankara yesterday.

“Sustaining the stable growth process, increasing employment, continuing the fiscal discipline, raising domestic savings, narrowing the current account deficit and as a result, strengthening the economic stability are priorities of the new program,” said Babacan speaking at a press conference.

He also said that Turkey would closely monitor developments in global economy and implement policies in line with its medium-term economic program, adding that the government would continue to implement policies to increase private sector’s investments, direct international investments and exports.

Çağlayan addresses Turkey-Spain investment and cooperation summit – October 14th 2011

Speaking at the Turkey-Spain Investment and Cooperation Summit in Madrid yesterday, Economy Minister Zafer Çağlayan said that Turkey and Spain were not rivals, but complementing each other. He stated that he had enthusiastically come to Spain to further develop economic and political relationships between the two countries.

Touching upon Turkey’s EU membership bid, Çağlayan said that Turkey wouldn’t increase the burden on the EU, but instead shoulder its burden. He stated that full membership to the EU was a must to Turkey and thanked Spain for its support on the issue.

Furthermore, Spanish Confederation of Employers’ Organization Chairman Juan Rossel said that Spain had a special plan to develop relations with Turkey between 2012 and 2014.

Spanish businesspeople expect support – October 13th 2011

Spanish businesspeople are expecting Turkish government’s support to join privatization and modernization projects in Turkey.

Spanish businesspeople attended Turkey – Spain Investment Cooperation Summit which was also participated by Turkish Economy minister Zafer Çağlayan in Madrid on Thursday.

Spanish Confederation of Employers’ Organization (CEOE) Chairman Juan Rosell said that Spain had a special plan to develop relations with Turkey between 2012 and 2014, stressing that they attached great importance to Turkish market.

Meanwhile, chairman Francisco Gonzales Rodriguez of Spanish BBVA bank – which bought 25 percent share of Turkish Garanti Bankası in 2010 – said that Turkey was one of the ten countries where the world’s highest economic growth was recorded, adding that Turkey was one of the most important countries of Europe as a big and young market.

Rodriguez said that Turkey had a well-disciplined economy as well as world’s best financing system.

Noting that Turkey was on a strategic location, Rodriguez said that Turkish market was resisting global economic crisis, adding that Turkey also developed a very good foreign policy in Arab Spring countries.

Meanwhile, Spanish Prime Ministry Economy Office Director Javier Valles said that political and economic relations between Turkey and Spain were on the highest level, expressing belief that Turkey should encourage a strategic partnership between the two countries.

Bağış speaks to AA – October 9th 2011

It is high time that we in Turkey have a constitution that embraces everyone without making any discrimination, Bağış said.

Touching on Turkey – EU relations, Minister Bağış said that “if the EU Commission was to prepare a report on member countries, many of the reports would be worse than that prepared on Turkey”.

16 EU members countries are going through their worst crisis as they have not acted in line with the rules of the EU. Since Turkey implemented the rules of the EU, we have become the fastest growing country in the Union, Bağış said.

Turkey’s population, power and dynamism may be a matter of concern for certain European countries.

What we should do is to make our reforms, get our standards higher and eventually make a decision on whether or not to join the Union, Bağış underlined.

Another gesture for minorities by Directorate General of Foundations – October 10th 2011

As part of the work conducted under the coordination of Directorate General of Foundations, it was decided to repair many prayer places from churches to synagogues and monasteries for non-Muslim citizens.

Among these prayer places to be repaired are the Armenian Catholic Church in the Sur district of Diyarbakır, the Central Synagogue (Big Synagogue) in Edirne, the Taxiarhis Church on the Cunda Island in Ayvalık, Aya Marina Greek-Orthodox Church and Yıldız Village Church on the Gökçeada Island.

Reportedly, as part of related efforts, the repair work was completed on following prayer places: Agios Nikolaos Church on the Gökçeada Island, the Syrian Catholic Church and Greek Catholic Church in Iskenderun, as well as the Armenian Protestant Church in the Sur district of Diyarbakır.

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