The notorious terrorist organisation the PKK aims at creating chaos in Turkey. The PKK is disturbed by the political and economic stability of Turkey, but also by the Turkish democracy, which will be dramatically improved thanks to the new constitution that Turkey is writing.

The PKK terrorists and their domestic and foreign supporters are afraid because Turkey is at last able to become a more harmonious country and a better democracy.

The PKK doesn’t represent the Kurdish-rooted Turkish citizens. That is a big lie, a scandalous propaganda made by the BDP (former DTP). And the BDP too doesn’t represent the Kurdish citizens. In fact, the Kurdish-rooted citizens of southeastern Turkey massively voted for the AKP at the previous elections in Turkey. The BDP always stated that they represent the Kurdish citizens but the last elections proved that that isn’t true. The BDP has lost.

The PKK and its collaborators are actually in panic as lost sheeps because the Turkish government (as well as the NGOs and the whole Turkey) have resolved the Kurdish issue through incredible historic steps:

there is a national Kurdish TV that broadcasts every day (news, culture, concerts, theatre, …..), there are Kurdish radios, the Kurdish language is taught at schools and there are Kurdish lessons at universities. The Kurdish is used at theatre.

Besides there are nearly 100 Kurdish-rooted Turkish deputies at the Turkish Assembly (most of them are members of the AKP). Two former presidents of Turkey were of Kurdish origin.

So for God’s sake, where’s the problem regarding the Kurdish-rooted citizens?

The PKK-BDP-KCK want to divide Turkey but they won’t succeed.

Especially today since thanks to its new constitution that will be ready next year Turkey will be democratically stronger than ever.

The Kurdish issue and the PKK terrorism were always separate problems.

No Kurdish issue anymore. But a PKK terrorism issue.

The PKK is isolated and very weak.

According to an article of EurActiv Turkey published a few days ago (that dealt with the analysis of a Turkish expert), the PKK will be completely destroyed next year.

I hope so.

Below four articles of Dünya that deal with the murders of the PKK of yesterday:

PKK assault triggers ground operations

At least 24 soldiers were killed and 18 others wounded yesterday when militants from the terrorist PKK launched simultaneous attacks on security posts in the Çukurca district of the southeastern province of Hakkari on the Iraqi border, triggering an immediate response from the Turkish military. Turkish troops crossed the border and moved several kilometers into Iraq in pursuit of the perpetrators of the vicious attack, in which at least 21 PKK militants were also killed.

Chief of General Staff Gen. Necdet Özel, accompanied by force commanders, flew to Hakkari yesterday morning right after the stories of the deadly attack broke. Some 200 PKK members launched a series of simultaneous attacks against eight police and military targets in Çukurca around 1 a.m. yesterday.

Erdoğan condemns PKK attacks

Speaking at a press conference after a counter terrorism meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan condemned yesterday’s PKK attacks, saying, “Turkey will not surrender any attack from inside or outside of the country. We will conclude this process tirelessly, without any concessions. Turkey will not take a step back in its fight against terrorism.”

Prime Minister Erdoğan said the terrorist attack which occurred on the initial day of preparing a new, civilian and democratic constitution would not prevent Turkey from enjoying a bright future. Erdoğan added that Turkey would fight terrorism and continue on its path in a determined way to remove the exploitative stance of terrorism at the same time.

Gül: “Turkey will continue to fight terrorism in a determined way”

President Abdullah Gül, prior to inauguration ceremony of the 27th COMCEC meeting in Istanbul, commented on terrorist PKK’s vicious attack which occurred in the Çukurca district of southeastern province of Hakkari yesterday and wished God’s mercy be upon the fallen.

Gül reiterated that everyone must know that those who have made us experience this sorrow would definitely suffer more and those who think they have shaken our state through such heinous assaults would see that we would strongly take our revenge from these attacks.

“Those who aid and abet these terrorists and who pave the way for them to do whatever they want must learn from these attacks. They will also have to bear the consequences. The entire world should realize that Turkey will continue to fight terrorism in a determined way,” said Gül.

Constitutional reconciliation commission determined to prepare a new constitution

The first meeting of the Constitutional Reconciliation Commission was held yesterday to work on a new constitution.

Touching upon these efforts, Parliament Speaker Cemil Çiçek said that everybody was agonized by yesterday’s terrorist PKK attacks in the Çukurca district of the southeastern province of Hakkari, but that they would have to continue to work on a new constitution by suffering patiently.

Çiçek said that the authoritative legacy left by the Constitution of 1982 to Turkey couldn’t be removed with partial amendments and that previous amendments have showed that universal democratic standards couldn’t be reached by restoring the current constitution.

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PS. I wish I reminded that former revealing article of TRT English:

Dutch secret service warns about PKK

Terrorist organization PKK is providing funds for the camps in the north of Iraq from the Netherlands. This intel info appeared in a report by the Dutch Secret Service.

The Secret Service in the Netherlands reportedly warned ministries and local authorities in the country regarding PKK’s activities in the Netherlands.

According to the report prepared by the Service, the terrorist organization has been providing the camps in the north of Iraq with medicine, clothing and foodstuffs.

Although all its activities were banned in the Netherlands in 2007, PKK has been establishing a number of so called culture or sports associations to recruit members and procure funds.

Another source of finance for the terror organisation is extortion activities against Kurdish-origin citizens living in the country under the guises of taxes, donations and charity collection.

Most of the money collected in the Netherlands is used for the broadcasting costs of PKK’s tv station.

Last month it was revealed that PKK threatened with death, business owners near an association in the Hague which is the political extension of the organization.

The EUROPOL previously found out that PKK uses millions of euro, that it raised from illegal activities such as drug trade, human trafficking, forgery and extortion, to purchase weapons and carry out terrorist activities.

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