If countries such as the USA, Russia, Greece, Syria, the UK, France or the Netherlands had supported and joined Turkey against the PKK terrorism since the 80s, on the one hand Turkey wouldn’t have lost 40 thousand souls, on the other hand its Southeast would have been economically in a better situation because it wouldn’t have had to spend 100 billion euros and it wouldn’t have lost indirectly another 100 billion because of the PKK. Besides Turkey would have been united and stable for decades thus more democratic since the PKK terrorism caused a huge harm to political stability and democracy in Turkey.

Well if the EU had fought the PKK which it recognised as a terrorist organisation in 2002 only (why so late?), the PKK would not have been financially so strong within the EU, hence the southeast of Turkey would have been able to be stable and modern for a long time, as Italy’s Mezzogiorno.

Abstruse: the EU still doesn’t act concretely, because the PKK still acts with impunity within several EU countries through some so called cultural associations for instance. But also through a so called Kurdish TV channel that still broadcasts from the EU. That TV channel makes the propaganda of the PKK whereas that terrorist organisation assassinates Turkish soldiers and civilians every month: the PKK recently killed dozens of soldiers but also 2 pregnant women, several children and several young women. Let’s underline that some of these soldiers and civilians were of Kurdish origin.

The PKK also controls a huge drug trafic in the EU.

The secret service in the Netherlands warned their country about the illegal activities of the PKK. I wonder what has been done so far.

France has begun to act at last. But I wonder why it has decided to act only now.

Today Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan criticised the EU for its inaction about the PKK activities within the EU.

Erdoğan also said that for 9 years Turkey has invested 13 billion euros in southeastern Turkey. But the PKK is disturbed and burns the investments there, threatens the businessmen and many Turkish citizens, the Kurdish-rooted ones included, he said.

Notwithstanding, Zafer Çağlayan stated that Turkey will keep on investing in southeastern Turkey:

Çağlayan determined to provide all provinces with incentives

Economy Minister Zafer Çağlayan spoke at the 2nd Joint Meeting on Professional Committees organized by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) yesterday, saying that terrorism and underdeveloped regions in Turkey would not be avoided in the process of providing incentives.

Çağlayan said that today the terrorist organization wanted to prevent any investor from investing in eastern and southeastern regions of Turkey and condemn those regions to hunger and drought, but we have to and will deliberately invest in those regions and continue to provide them with special supports.

Çağlayan stated that they had analyzed 81 provinces and 500 sectors one by one and that efforts with regard to the new incentive system would be completed by the year-end. He added that they worked as part of an understanding which targets high added value, cutting-edge technology and current deficit.

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