Turkey is a regional power – October 26th 2011

Turkey is an important regional power, Deputy Executive Director of Human Rights Watch said.

Speaking to AA, Jan Egeland, Deputy Executive Director and Europe Director of Human Rights Watch, said that western countries had lost power globally, adding that however Turkey’s importance has grown regionally and globally.

Egeland said that there has been a great progress in the aeras of economy, trade, investment, politics and culture in Turkey.

Turkey’s responsabilities also increased in regard to improvement of Human rights, he said.

Egeland said that emerging powers such as Turkey, Brazil, South Africa and India should take more responsabilities regarding Human rights.

The lack of democracy in Turkey was linked to political instability but also to the PKK terrorism.

However Turkey is politically stable for 10 years and then a virtuous circle has been created. And that virtuous circle enabled Turkey to start protecting the Human rights.

But today we can’t expect Turkey to do in the blink of an eye what has not been done during decades. That’s why we have to allow some more time to Turkey. Time.

Then we’ll see a much better Turkish democracy, in spite of the PKK-BDP-KCK terrorism and shadowy propaganda that are a big obstacle to stability and the improvement of democracy in Southeastern Turkey.

Last example: on the one hand the PKK-BDP-KCK are currently trying to sabotage the national assistance to many victims (mostly of Kurdish origin) of the earthquake that hit the city Van a few days ago. On the other hand they are trying to make believe that there is a discrimination towards the Kurdish-rooted citizens about the assistance of the Turkish state, which is absolutely not true. That is evil. That is the PKK-BDP-KCK.

Turkey is helping every citizen, and that is actually the problem for the PKK-BDP-KCK, which are disturbed that the whole Turkey is strongly supporting the Kurdish-rooted victims of Southeastern Turkey, especially since the PKK assassinated 24 soldiers a few days before the earthquake.

Thus, Turkey’s national assistance is destroying the propaganda of the PKK-BDP-KCK because that assistance shows that Turkey is and will be united.

Let’s emphasise this: for many months dozens of Turkish soldiers were killed by the PKK but for several days thousands of Turkish soldiers have been working hard in Southeastern Turkey in order to help their Kurdish-rooted fellow citizens.

Yesterday most of the Turkish TV channels united and campaigned for southeastern Turkey. Since yesterday night many Turkish companies, universities, citizens, ….. have donated millions of euros (the campaign ended today at 02:00 am and 26 million euros were donated) and according to Beyazıt Öztürk many Turkish businessmen promised the building of 80 new schools in southeastern Anatolia.

Well in spite of the PKK terrorism, we can see that Turkey has a single voice about its Kurdish-rooted citizens who are currently cold and afraid. They are not deserted: the whole Turkey aims at providing them with a warm shelter. The whole Turkey is standing for them.

Besides, several Turkish soldiers made a phone call and gave all the money they possessed for southeastern Turkey.

That is greatness.

The PKK-BDP-KCK won’t succeed in dividing Turkey. They do not represent the Kurdish-rooted citizens and once more Turkey is proving that admirably.

One country. One nation. One republic. Equal citizens.

Although Turkey is hit by terrorism and seisms it is teaching a peace lesson. That is Atatürk’s great republic.

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PS. Turkey can’t rely upon the EU regarding the PKK terrorism but can in all likelihood sail towards harmony without it.

PPS. Turkish premier: a new city will be built in Van – October 26th 2011

All debris will be removed, and a new city and town will be built under an urban transformation project in the eastern province of Van, added Erdoğan who spoke at his Justice & Development (AK) Party meeting on Wednesday.

Erdoğan said that search and rescue teams, first aid personnel as well as necessary materials and equipment from 30 institutions and 48 provinces were transferred to quake-hit region by 52 planes.

Noting that 461 citizens were killed and 1,352 others were wounded in the earthquake, Erdoğan said that 3,755 public personnel, 422 non-governmental organization members, 595 search and rescue vehicles, 860 health teams, 140 ambulances and 54 working machines were currently serving at the scene.

Erdoğan said that Red Crescent aid society sent 15,379 tents to the region, adding that 60 prefabricated houses, 76,500 blankets, 36 portable kitchens and 5,139 heaters were distributed to the people in villages and towns of Van as well as in city center. Eight planes are continuously transferring tents, blankets and other equipments to the region, he said.

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