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‘Türkiye fenomeni’ Milano’da tartışıldı – October 12th 2011

I want to quote Emma Bonino – vice-president of the Italian senate.

Emma Bonino emphasised that Turkey has to improve its democracy, such as the role of the Turkish women in the labour force.

She then said that the EU made the Greek Cypriots members of the EU whereas they voted “No” at the referendum about the reunification of Cyprus in 2004.

Emma Bonino stated: In my opinion the EU is absolutely not credible. It is an unreliable partner.

She concluded by saying: Europe’s understanding is to live together through freedom and diversity. These are the missions that two world wars and a genocide gave to Europe. I hope that at least we would not forget that.

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PS. The EU has turned out to be untrustworthy and that damages its image throughout the world.

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