True concerns & Turcophobia

I read this article from Dünya:

TÜSIAD prepares an introductory booklet to promote Turkey – November 1st 2011

I quote:

TÜSIAD Chairperson Ümit Boyner, who has written the introductory chapter of booklet, said in her opening speech of the forum that the Turkish business world was certain more than ever that Turkey will become one of the best democracies and economies in the world as soon as possible.

These promising words of TÜSIAD chairwoman Ümit Boyner made me write the article below:

True concerns & Turcophobia

We can divide the citizens and politicians of the EU who criticise the democratic failures of Turkey into two groups.

In the first group there are the people who really care of Turkey and the Human rights. They support and help those in Turkey and the EU who work hard to make Turkey a more democratic country. They are sincere and have no hidden agenda. They strive for democracy, justice and peace in Turkey.

In the second group there are the people who keep on reminding these failures solely in order to feed their allergies about Turkey and its EU membership. These EU citizens and politicians are hypocritical, they have a hidden agenda. They do not care of the Human rights in Turkey. But they are ill. Well Turcophobia and Islamophobia are dangerous diseases. They are not contagious though many people are infected.

Anyway, Turkey will be able to become an EU member only when it meets all the criterions of Brussels.

But the second group should actually be reassured because the EU added many extra-rules or double standards regarding Turkey’s EU membership process (for instance the appalling conditions imposed on Turkey to close a chapter, the Cypriot issue or the very probable referendum in Austria). Turkey may not become an EU member.

Let’s remind that several EU members didn’t meet all the criterions when they became members (that was a privileged partnership!), but there’s no doubt that the EU is making everything that is possible so that Turkey doesn’t enjoy that privileged pre-accession mechanism. Turkey’s EU path is sabotaged.

Well owing to the numerous double standards of the EU, when/if Turkey becomes an EU member it will likely be the closest member to perfection!

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PS. And that will enable Turkey to be politically stronger within the EU! A big thank you to all the anti-Turkey politicians and political groups of the EU!

PPS. Turkey will certainly remember those who support it (Poland, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the SPD in Germany, ….) and those who try to isolate and destabilise it.

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  1. the status between turkey and eu has nothing to do with the compatibility of turkey to eu. it has a lot to do with the fact that the big shots within eu want share from what turkey has on its plate as a nice meal.
    turkish politicians has to do a lot of work explaining to us, why we should become a member and share our meal with eu which shamelessly breaks all the rules of courtesy.

  2. Well said erc an.

    For instance on November 2010 France asked Turkey to help it in order to face with China in the African market, but Turkey does not need to do that in order to win contracts and be an economic competitor in that huge developing continent.

    Egemen Bağış’s revealing recent words confirm your argument erc an:


    Prior to his meeting with Bildt, Bağış told a television channel that Turkey did not open chapter in its negotiations with the EU deliberately in the past one year.

    “They left to us only three chapters to be opened. They put political obstacles in front of the other chapters. We think that these three chapters will bring burden to Turkish economy and that’s why we did not open them,” he said.

    Lastly, I’d like to suggest what Hürriyet Daily News commentator “Chris Green TRNC” wrote last year:

    I think the manner in which France deports itself in general in Turkish matters is such that they have something of a cheek effectively coming cap in hand to Turkey! On the one hand they are, in the form of the odious and diminutive Sarkozy rabidly opposed to Turkeys accession into the EU aided and abetted obviously by Greece yet on the other they are quite happy to come with their begging bowls! Turkey are spending quite a bit of money with the EU in aircraft sales at least much of which benefits France. No one is a greater fan of world trade than I but in the circumstances I think this franco move is a it `rich`!

    The EU behaves like a carpet dealer. And the examples are numerous.

    And as you highlighted it, the Turkish leaders will have to do a difficult job to convince the Turkish citizens to approve Turkey’s EU membership.

    Best regards,


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