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Less healthcare, but Greece is still buying guns

Well Turkey will not attack Greece, but some circles in Greece (such as the so-called religious leaders) and in the EU point their finger at Turkey to justify Greece’s huge military purchases.

That is ridiculous. Another propaganda to conceal the truth which is nationalism (for Greece) and money (for the EU and the USA).

Those circles in Greece dangerously brainwash their citizens. Turkey is not the USA, its foreign policy is not based on the business of war. Why Turkey would attack Greece? Turkey has not such a crazy agenda. But Greece has a hidden agenda with several groups within the EU.

Let’s remind that Mr Papoulias ludicrously claimed that Turkey is responsible for the economic crisis in Greece. What a level. A president has to be dignified and not to spread nationalism. Well Greece’s military spending explain only partly its economic crisis. Mr Papoulias aimed at fooling his citizens.

Let’s get this clear: Turkey – which has been under the threat of terrorism – has done nothing to Greece. But Greece and its so-called allies in the EU still target and try to isolate Turkey.

Aren’t they fed up?

Instead of implementing the EU spirit, Greece and its supporters – actually the anti-Turkey groups – of the EU have been doing precisely the opposite:

to begin with they haven’t fought the PKK terrorism since 1984 (Greece even supported the PKK many years ago, as for the EU it still doesn’t expel to Turkey the terrorists it arrested).

Secondly, Greece and the Greek Cypriots have been doing for years only an anti-Turkey propaganda within the EU Parliament (an Italian politician suggested a sociological study about that). So the prestigious EU membership is not enough for them and Turkey has to be isolated and humiliated.

Lastly, here’s the most revealing example: the Greek politicians and so-called religious leaders, especially with Sarkozy and Elmar Brok (two true Turkey haters) still isolate the Turkish Cypriots by preventing the lifting of the embargoes towards them (lifting that was promised by the EU in 2004). The Greek Cypriots selfishly enjoy the EU membership since 2004, and they actually do not care of the Turkish Cypriots. The Greek Church have in fact aimed at erasing the Turkish culture and traces in Cyprus since 1963.

Thus, what have been the contributions of Greece to the EU and to the rapprochement with Turkey, which is its neighbour?

I don’t really understand such a fury against Turkey. Turkey is not the ennemy of Greece. But Greece keeps provocating Turkey and describing it as the source of its problems. It’s a crying shame.

Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots are not members of the EU, but Greece and the Greek Cypriots are. And they feel powerful and untouchable because of that.

But since they are members of the best peace organisation of the world, they ought to improve their relations with Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots.

But they prefer isolating the Turkish side. They prefer blocking the EU-Turkey negotiations and the direct trade between the EU and Northern Cyprus.

Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, vice chairman of Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), stated last October:

It’s hard to understand why the situation on an island with one-fourth as many inhabitants as Ankara determines the fate of 75 million Turks and 450 million Europeans.

Well said.


PS. The Greek Church and the nationalist political leaders, as well as their clones in the EU, need an ennemy to justify their existence, and according to them Turkey is the ideal country. Of course they also want that country – mainly of Muslim religion – neither to be a superpower nor a member of the EU. They succeeded in sabotaging Turkey’s EU path, but that won’t stop Turkey which is becoming an important economic and political global player.

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  1. turkish columnist Yagmur Atsiz once quoted a greek bureaucrat saying in german tv that “lying in records was a habit greek administration developed because of centuries of ottoman rule.”
    it is the superiority complex that leads people to blame others for own acts. but look what happens to a country that agreed to fight the west’s war against turkey and agreed to become an open market for the west. sure western money will save them but is it the right way of living a life? greeks and greek-cypriots should open their eyes that the ride on the west-bound train does not include free lunch for nobody.
    every body knows what “byzantine game” means: promising something and doing something else. greece armed the agean islands against the international agreements but turkey still is the biggest evil to them.
    what we can do as turks is that let’s not forget our rights and arguments. yes greece and eu has a louder voice but it does not mean they are right.

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