The European Union is a space power and a serious rival of the United States of America high above our heads.

But does the EU want to be a great power on the Earth too?

The EU must stop blocking Turkey’s EU path if it wants to become an important political rival of the USA and then reshape our burning planet.

Schuman and Monnet’s EU has always had the will to become an influential actor worldwide. Some say that Schuman’s response to someone who asked his opinion about Turkey’s possible EEC membership was: It’s not a bad idea.

Where’s that EU? Has someone seen it? It’s almost the desert. I’ve only seen a few EU politicians who stated their support for Turkey’s EU membership.

Well since there are many trojan horses within the EU the question ought to be: is the union able to have the will to be a global player?

If Turkey doesn’t become an EU member, the winners will be those who object to the EU spirit and those who can see nothing beyond the garden of their houses.

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