No visa, no signature, says FM Davutoğlu – November 20th 2011

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said Saturday that Turkey knew the European Union (EU).

ISTANBUL– Speaking at the Session of Ministers as part of the “World Turkish Entrepreneurs Congress” in Istanbul, Davutoğlu said that Turkey “was playing with the rules of the EU”.

Davutoğlu said that the EU wanted “biometric passports, integrated border management and a readmission agreement from Turkey”.

We have worked with our relevant institutions and began distributing biometric passports in six months. We have taken crucial steps for an integrated border management. The readmission agreement is now ready for signature. We have asked the EU to appoint a commissioner so we can begin discussing visa exemptions. They told us to sign the readmission agreement and that they would deal with the visa issue later, Davutoğlu said.

We now know the EU. We are playing with EU’s rules. We will never sign the readmission agreement unless we receive visa exemption, Davutoğlu said. If there is no visa, there is no signature, Davutoğlu also said.

The EU behaves quite simply like a carpet dealer.

And why impose a humiliating visa policy to the Turkish citizens, whose country has been a candidate to the EU since 1999, whose country started the negotiations – for the full EU membership – with the EU in 2005?

I dealt with the readmission agreement and the visa issue in this former post:

Address to the European Parliament of Stefan Füle

I quote myself:

“Turkey and the EU were about to sign a readmission agreement. But some EU countries destroyed everything.

I quote Cecilia Malmström:

I am pleased to announce that following the meeting between the chief negotiators held on 14 January 2011 in Ankara, the final adjustments to the draft EU Readmission Agreement with Turkey were agreed and the negotiation has now come to its end. The outcome of the negotiation is very balanced and will contribute greatly to the effective management of irregular migration in the region. I would like to thank the Turkish side for its very constructive and pragmatic approach during the negotiation. The Text was presented to the EU Member States and I trust that they will approve the current compromise and that we will be able to bring it for formal conclusion to the next Justice and Home Affairs Council on 24 February 2011. The European Parliament will be duly involved, in line with the Treaty requirements. This important development also opens up new perspectives to further foster our cooperation with Turkey in the area of visa policy and related areas, with a view to improving the mobility of our citizens.

But on February, 24th 2011 the EU didn’t authorize the EU commission to negotiate with Turkey about the visa-free regime.

Thus the ball was and still is in the court of the EU.

The Turkish minister for foreign affairs Mr Ahmet Davutoğlu emphasized that Turkey will sign the readmission agreement only if the EU clearly gives the green light to the EU commission so that it negotiates about the visa policies imposed on the Turkish citizens.

Something else: Turkey created a special team of 30 thousand policemen to mont guard at its frontiers with all its neighbours.

Last but not least, the biometric passeports are available in Turkey.

Hence, Turkey worked very hard and met all the conditions for a fair negotiation regarding the visas policies of the EU.

But the awful truth is that the EU behaves like a carpet dealer.

Mr Davutoğlu said that Turkey is not a second class country and that it will neither sign nor implement the readmission agreement, unless the EU commission is given the green light about the visas.”

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PS. Two German and one Dutch courts decided that visas can’t be imposed on the Turkish citizens, but their decisions still haven’t been implemented.

PPS. The EU still forces visas on the Turkish citizens but according to ABHaber it will lift the visas towards the Russian citizens. Well Turkey is a candidate country to the EU whereas Russia isn’t. Difficult to understand, isn’t it?

PPPS. Let us recall that the EU also decided many months ago to lift the visas towards the citizens of Paraguay and Uruguay.

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  1. even for the well reserved rights of turkish citizens, turkish government has to go through tough negotiations.turkish citizens have to go to courts for their well deserved rights. what do human-rights conscious, highly-educated, democrat societies of europe think about this hypocricy? the answer to this is very simple: nothing. people only think about what the politicians tell them are worth thinking.
    eu is a shameless institute that attempts to rip off turkey as much as possible in every deal. people should open their eyes that these negotiations are not about legalities or fairness.
    it’s a shame.

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