EU term presidency of half-state in Cyprus shows EU’s weakness – November 24th 2011

President Abdullah Gül gave clear messages to the European Union on Cyprus dispute in a speech he delivered at the British Parliament.

Greek Cypriot side is blocking ways to find a solution, President Gül said, adding that the prospect of the half state in the island assuming the European Union presidency next July shows the weakness of the European Union.

President Gül said Greek Cypriot Administration is unwilling regarding a solution because European states consider its situation in the Union as normal. “I am concerned that under these circumstances, the Union will cause the start of a process that would render the unity of Cyprus island completely impossible,” Gül said.

Noting that all parties in the process will have to pay the price of such a result, Gül called on Britain to assume a leading role to prevent such consequences.

Reminding that statements of some major EU states accepting Greek Cypriots as a full member without representing the whole of the island are still in the archives, Gül said Union states are contradicting themselves now.

Here is another statement of Mr Gül that is crystal clear:

President Gül on Cyprus issue – November 26th 2011

President Abdullah Gül said that if a concrete step regarding Cyprus is not taken by mid 2012, the recognition of a two-state structure will be unavoidable.

Replying to reporters’ questions on his flight back home from London, President Gül reiterated that Turkey’s stance on Cyprus is clear.

Stating that during his contacts in Britain, he often mentioned the Greek Cypriot sector’s EU term presidency in 2012, President Gül said that the recognition a two-state structure will be unavoidable.

President Gül said that Britain should take action as a guarantor state. On the details of talks, President Gül said: “I told them that this cannot be possible by advice from afar. If you are sincere this is the right time. You can take as many steps as you want until mid 2012. You should convince Greek Cypriots now. If you cannot, then this will end in a two-state structure. You will have to recognize what we do”.

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