Ahmet Davutoğlu was the first Turkish politician who stated (in September or October 2009) that Northern Cyprus will be officially recognised as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus if the Greek side doesn’t show some willingness to find a solution with the Turkish side.

Mr Davutoğlu exactly used these words during a press conference in 2009:

If the Greek Cypriot side doesn’t strive for a solution the division of the island will be official.

I dealt with that statement here on November 2009:

Is there an insane cyprus game? – November 27th 2009

We can note that the Turkish side has been very patient.

Well here’s the article of TRT regarding Mr Bağış’s statement (published today):

Bağış on Cyprus issue

Minister for European Union Affairs and chief negotiator Egemen Bağış said that Europe should support a comprehensive settlement in Cyprus.

Bağış who made an assessment of Turkey-EU relations in a television program, said that the EU term presidency should not be assumed by the Greek Cypriot sector but by the new Cyprus state to be established by the Turkish and Greek Cypriot sides based on political equality.

Bağış said that there are countries waiting for a signal from Turkey to recognize the TRNC and establish diplomatic relations. “If Greek Cypriots really want a settlement they should make best use of the next six months otherwise they will regret it” Bağış said.

If the TRNC is officially recognised the EU and the Greek side will be clearly responsible.

Do they want a more divided world?

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