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Bağış seeks equality in EU accession – December 9th 2011

Turkey’s EU Minister Egemen Bağış points to the disparity in EU accession policies

The European Union Minister Egemen Bağış, referring to Croatia having signed the accession agreement with the EU, has said that he wishes Turkey, just like Croatia, were faced with a negotiation framework whose regulations do not change in the middle of the game.

Bağış, who is also Turkey’s chief negotiatior, made a written statement after Croatia had signed the accession agreement with the EU in Brussels.

Bağış having congratulated Croatia on its success and welcomed the development said the EU with the double standards it applied to Turkey had shown once again today that Croatia and Turkey are not two countries negotiating with Brussels under equal conditions.

Şimşek: 4 million new job opportunities created – December 10th 2011

Turkish Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek said that more than four million new job opportunities had been created in Turkey since 2007.

Turkey’s technology minister says Turkey plans producing regional airliner by 2023 – December 5th 2011

SEATTLE/ISTANBUL – Nihat Ergün said Turkey aimed to take significant steps in aviation, and one of them was production of regional airliner by 2023.

“We want to produce regional airliner and jets in Turkey by 2023, Boeing is among companies we can cooperate,” Ergün said as he visited Boeing facilities in Seattle, the United States.

Around 350-400 Turkish engineers are working in Boeing.

“Some parts of Boeing wing and tail systems are manufactured in Turkey,” Ergün said.

Ergün said Turkish companies could manufacture more Boeing parts, and he had the opportunity to tell Boeing executives that Turkey and Boeing could also cooperate in R&D.

Turkey’s TV series export exceeds 60 mln USD – December 10th 2011

Turkey earned more than 60 million USD in 2011 by exporting TV series.

ANKARA – More than 100 Turkish TV series have been watched in over 20 countries this year.

Executive board chairman Firat Gülken of Calinos Holding, which makes 80 percent of TV series export of Turkey, told AA on Saturday that Turkish TV series were breaking records in the Middle Eastern and North African countries.

We have begun to open to Balkan countries this year, said Gülken, adding that they were exporting the series to countries such as Serbia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, in Balkans, and Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Japan and Vietnam in Far East.

Gülken said that prices of the series for each part changed between 500 USD and 15,000 USD.

African businessmen to make connections in Turkey – December 11th 2011

African businessmen will make business connections in Turkey within the scope of “Turkey-Africa Commerce Bridge” event which will take place in Istanbul on December 16.

ISTANBUL – A total of 300 businessmen from 54 African countries will hold 10,000 bilateral meetings with 500 Turkish businessmen at 30 promotion stands during the event.

Turkish and African businessmen will evaluate mutual business opportunities in their talks.

Within the scope of the event, a conference will also take place, and it will be participated by foreign ministers of 54 African countries.

Transportation Minister Yıldırım meets German counterpart in Berlin – December 7th 2011

Turkish Minister for Transportation, Maritime and Communications Binali Yıldırım met with German Minister for Transportation, Construction and Urban Development Peter Ramsauer in Berlin on Wednesday.

BERLIN – Yıldırım’s meeting with Ramsauer took place behind closed doors.

Speaking to Turkish journalists prior to his meeting with Ramsauer, Minister Yıldırım had said that they were determining the necessary programs so that Turkey could be one of the world’s biggest 10 economies in the year 2023.

In order to reach our goals, we need to build new highways, airports, seaports, railways and roads, Yıldırım said. We aim to build one of the world’s biggest 10 seaports in Turkey. We aim to increase the number of passengers travelling by air to 375 million from the present 165 million in Turkey. We also plan to increase the number of commercial aircraft in Turkey to 750 from the present 347, Yıldırım underlined.

Touching on technological cooperation between Turkey and Germany, Yıldırım said that the relations were not at the desired level. Germany is Turkey’s biggest trade partner. We can cooperate in development of new technologies and energy with Germany. We want to boost our technological cooperation with Germany, Yıldırım added.

Turkish – Arab trade volume reaches $33 bln, Turkish industry minister says – December 6th 2011

Turkish industry minister said Tuesday that annual trade volume between Turkey and Arab countries had reached 33 billion U.S. dollars.

ISTANBUL – “We should work to bring the figure up to 100 billion U.S. dollars in the next five years”, Science, Industry and Technology Minister Nihat Ergün said at the opening of the Turkish – Arab Industrial Cooperation Conference in Istanbul.

Improvement of relations between Turkey and Arab countries was of great importance for stability in the region, he said.

Turkey has recorded great progress in the areas of economy and politics in the past nine years, he said. Turkish economy grew 9 percent in 2010 and the country would grow 7.5 percent this year, he said.

Ergün said that they aimed to make Turkey one of the 10 largest economies in the world in 2023.

Suruç tunnel to function soon – December 7th 2011

Another giant step has been taken as part of the South-east Anatolia Project, known as GAP.

There are only a few days to go before the opening of the Suruç tunnel, the biggest of GAP and the 5th biggest in the world.

With the Suruç tunnel becoming operational, an area of 94 thousand hectares will be irrigated through modern systems.

The water will be carried to the remotest agricultural fields with the canals which bear vital importance for the project.

The biggest tunnel of GAP will also boost prosperity in the region.

70 cubic meters of water per second will flow through the tunnel which has a diameter of 7 meters.

The tunnel-induced revival in the region will make a contribution of 70 million dollars to the economy and 190 thousand people will be employed.

Passages rise in Turkish – Georgian border – December 11th 2011

The number of passages increased after identity card application began in Turkish-Georgian border gates.

Turkish carpets, number one in world says sectoral association – December 7th 2011

Turkish carpets topped the world with not only production and marketing but also their quality, a sectoral association said on Wednesday.

IZMIR – The head of a carpet-makers association in the Aegean province of Izmir said that Turkey exported 1.2 billion USD of carpets in 2010.

“However exports exceeded 1.4 billion USD in the first 11 months of this year, and we expect our exports to go above 1.5 billion USD by the end of this year,” the head of the association, Naci Olcen, told AA correspondent.

<em<Olcen said machine-made carpet industry had developed in the southeastern province of Gaziantep in the last 15-20 years.

Turkish carpets had a peculiar place in the world thanks to dyer’s madder, quality of fibre and design, Olcen also said.

Somalia thanks Turkey – December 9th 2011

Somalians extended their gratitude to Turkey at an event in the USA.

Turkey’s sensitivity to the human tragedy in Somalia shown by the visit to Somalia which Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his wife paid as well as the aid campaigns launched by Turkey have been honoured by an event in the United States.

The event organized by Turkey’s ambassador to the US Namık Tan and the wife of Somalian Prime Minister Hodan Isse was one in which the fraternity between Turkey and Somalia was accentuated.

At the meeting sponsored by the Assembly of Turkish-American Associations and the Somalian-American Association, Somalians thanked profusely Prime Minister Erdoğan who was the first world leader to have visited their famine-stricken country and Turkey.

The Somalians said that Turkey’s humanitarian approach to their country would never be forgotten. The national anthems of both countries were played and prays were said.

Turkey’s ambassador to the United States Namık Tan and the Chairperson of ATA-DC Demet Cabbar stressed the solidarity and friendship of Turkey and Somalia during those difficult times.

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