Turkey’s rising power disturbs France, says Ahmet Davutoğlu

I quote:

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu reacted to France’s stance on Armenia by saying that it is a complex before Turkey’s rising power.

Criticizing Sarkozy, Davutoğlu said that the bill accepted in the French assembly does not have any principled aspect.

Greek Cypriot sector’s EU term presidency was also on Davutoğlu’s agenda.

Davutoğlu who attended a program on TRT 1, referred to President Sarkozy.

“If 5, 10 or 50 thousand Turks take to the streets and unfurl banners reading “We do not recognize this law” will you arrest them all? Passing this law has no humanitarian or principled aspect. It is totally utilitarianism and a complex before Turkey’s rising power. It is a complex beyond disturbance” Davutoğlu said.

The Greek Cypriot sector will assume the EU term presidency in July 2012. Davutoğlu also expressed clearly the attitude to be assumed by Turkey regarding this.

“If a settlement is reached by June 30, this is the ideal way. Turkey will be pleased to see a unified Cyprus and not the Southern Greek Cypriot sector as the EU term president and will have relations at the best level, but if the President of such a Cyprus will be Greek Cypriot its Foreign Minister will be Turkish” Davutoğlu said.”

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