To start with, the religious leader of the Armenian-rooted Turkish citizens of Turkey stated recently (towards France) : Do not interfere with the matters between Turkey and Armenia.

But many French politicians decided to interfere owing to two reasons: to weaken Turkey and for short-term domestic political gains.

Now I do want to suggest that former post of mine:


I quote myself:

“Several countries seem to have an amnesia or an allergy about their past but they have none about the one of Turkey.

These countries ought to look in the mirror before launching missiles of critics to Turkey from their desk.

Why so much obsession about Turkey? Why do so many journalists and politicians in the EU (especially in France) and in the USA keep asking Turkey to face with its past? Is it really in the name of History? Or is it because they want to gain more votes and/or to weaken Turkey? But why don’t they ask at first France, Spain, the English, the USA, …. to face with their past?

Message to these journalists and especially to these politicians:

Atatürk’s army hung some of those who were responsible for that period of horror against the Armenians.

I was born in France, and I was always told that what happened in 1915 in the Ottoman Empire was a genocide. I always believed that. But today I am in the confusion because one year ago Turkey suggested Armenia to create an international investigation group of historians (from any country in the world). But as far as I know, Armenia still hasn’t answered to Turkey. I do not understand. Would not that investigation group of historians unblock the situation?

Before I discovered Turkey, I was never told that some countries manipulated the Armenians in order to share out Anatolia. I wasn’t told neither that many Turks were killed by the Armenian extremists in 1915. Because France 2, TF1 or Arte Info as well as the History books never dealt with that. Never. Though I’ve been watching the news on France 2 since the age of 12.

Why don’t France, Russia, Germany, the UK, the EU and the USA support Turkey’s suggestion and decide to send their historians to that international investigation group?

Since some US and EU politicians are “so concerned” of that period of horror, don’t they think that an international investigation group of historians would be a sensible step?

Those within the EU and the USA who manipulate that dark period of History for political gains, especially at election time, have no dignity and are immoral. That is a lack of respect to the memory of all those who lost their lives. The sole objective of these politicians with no conscience is to gain the votes of their Armenian-rooted citizens. They don’t look at 1915 as human beings but as corrupt politicians.

By the way, Sarkozy was asked about what France did in Algeria, and he answered: “That subject should be dealt with by historians”.

Well, Turkey wants historians of the world to investigate about 1915.

But regarding Turkey, Sarkozy prefers mixing politics and History, since he is used to aiming at taking advantage of the votes of the Armenian-rooted French citizens.

But when it comes to the past of France in Algeria, Sarkozy thinks differently.

Therefore we can really wonder: are Sarkozy and the French assembly credible?

If that kind of politicians really want to help humanity, they ought to stop that unhealthy and immoral game.

The USA can’t change because of their electoral system.

As for the EU, since it is not even able to resolve the Cypriot issue (and actually, it does not even want to), how will it be able to resolve other bigger issues?

But I do think that the EU of Robert Schuman and Jean Monnet still exists. And it has the moral duty to help Armenia and Turkey to resolve their issues. Especially since 1999, when Turkey became an official candidate to the EU. In fact, Turkey’s problems are more than ever those of the EU. But has the EU the will to change?

Some criticize Turkey because it doesn’t implement the protocol that it signed with Armenia. They are right. But maybe that Azerbaijan threatened Turkey and the EU to not support the colossal Nabucco gas project anymore. The Azeris don’t want Turkey to open its frontier with Armenia because of the Upper Karabakh, which Armenia occupies (Turkey closed its frontier with Armenia in 1993 because of that occupation).

Azerbaijan has then become involved. Since the EU has loads of energy about the Nabucco project, why wouldn’t it have some energy about the problems between Turkey-Armenia and Armenia-Azerbaijan? (The EU has lots of energy to block Turkey’s EU membership process by inventing new problems such as the Cypriot issue, but it is not very clear regarding the occupation of Armenia of the Upper Karabakh – January 24th 2011).

Last but not least, it is said that some dark lobbies don’t want these problems in the Caucasus to be resolved, because they still aim at destabilizing Turkey. Will the EU be united and strong enough to offset their anti-peace plans?

Should not Armenia join the Alliance of civilizations created by Mr Zapatero and Mr Erdoğan? That would be another sensible step.”

Eventually I also want to suggest that former post that breathes hope and peace:


Let’s thwart the shadowy plans of those who try to manipulate and divide us, we the citizens of the world.

Let’s unite.

I’m looking forward to reading comments about the two above-mentioned posts as well as that current post. I’m curious. Thank you very much for your interest.

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  1. In too many ways, Sir, you have hit the issue in a nutshell.

    The issues of History pervade us all but for many their issues encompass the need to look backwards all the time. Indeed you have stated here that those with a handful of fingers should note that when you point with your index finger you should always remember that you have three fingers pointing back towards you.

    French history is littered with intentional finger-pointing meddling and then getting the Rest of the World to rectify its failings. All the so-called “Great Powers” from the end of the breaking up of the Austro-Hungarian (hegemony) Empire and the then expansion of the Czarist-Russian Empire has sought to break up Turkey with the intent to get free reign and unhindered access between the Black Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean, and then also to get at its (Turkey’s) enormous wealth in Fossil Fuels Precious Metals and now the Rare Earths that they desperately need to satisfy the goals of greed.

    Turkey survived the first rounds of this insulting move early on in the 20th Century under complete oversight from these “Powers” but survived and is here to stay independent and a major International State with Statesman-like credentials. No other nation has allowed external military powers unhindered access to a strategic base for so long as Turkey has – and in fact had it not been for that both the First and Second Gulf Wars might have been prolonged well into the next decade (that is unless you consider that they are finished!)

    This Political manipulation of the French Electorate to whit the reinvention of a Failed President of the Republic of France is a worrying one. Their economy is surviving on false promises and false aspirations barely accountable for its actions and living on sales of arms for trade. No other country outside the USA or the UK lives with an economy of exports that relies so heavily on proving arms to the poorest nations in the World – many of whom were subjugate to French Control, as indeed some still are e.g. Morocco! It is appalling that the French Government through its Executive (over which it has no control) can manipulate the media so much so that this is its last and only trump card to salvage any hopes of re-election.

    In the meantime the added fillip of Turkey becoming a major trading partner within the EU is still thwarted. I for one have always thought that Turkey should have been a natural member of the EU and have been totally surprised that regardless of the mess that the Balkan States were when they wreaked havoc on S E Europe in the 1990s they have been allowed to join one by one. What about the Genocides perpetrated throughout the Serb Croat Bosnia Albanian areas. Some 3 million people have disappeared and been removed from this World as a result of those Wars! Does anyone put before the French Government that denying these were Genocides are illegal? Strange, I wonder why?

    For the Gas Pipelines linking the “Stans” to the EU therein lays another issue. The Chinese have already stated that they will out-bid the EU for that gas so why does the EU continue to accept this linkage? Can the EU really be held hostage to the supply of gas from these countries any more? Remember what happened to the Ukraine a few years ago? You don’t! Then think about it, and go back and look at how the Ukraine was held hostage to the events of that time.

    No what the EU needs is a better and a more reliable supply of Energy. Look no further than Egypt, for it has by far more gas than the Stans and Qatar put together and it will last for over 50 years and better still it is a lot nearer. And after their recent revolution it would make much more sense to place a link across the Mediterranean directly to Italy, via Malta, so avoiding SE European Politics and of all the North African Nations needing help at this time Egypt must be first in line. Create this link and stability in this area will ensue.

    The French have got it all wrong here and indeed they should be concerned

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