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300 children die of hunger every hour – February 15th 2012

The Save Children report says two million children die of hunger every year in the world.

The situation in African countries is more desperate than elsewhere in the world.

Only in Somalia, around 100 thousand people were killed last year, of which were mostly children.

In the Dark Continent, where 60 million children live, one in every two children can not find enough food to feed himself. Drought and primitive methods of farming reduce the volume of harvest to the one third of Asia.

The European Union did decide to erase 100 billion euros of Greece’s debts, but it seems not to be able to provide Africa with a few billion euros that would be enough to fight starvation and malnutrition. We live in a very strange civilization that I don’t understand.

Turkey has broken a record in seed production – February 10th 2012

Seed production grew four-fold in nine years while exports increased six-fold.

Subsidy programs for seed growing have paid off and seed production which stood at 145 thousand tonnes in 2002, went up to 635 thousand tonnes in 2011.

Besides, exports were also positively affected by rise in production and subsidies.

The amount of seed exports grew six-fold in nine years.

Turkey exported 109 million dollar worth of seeds to 66 countries, Russia in particular.

Turkey among top ten countries in Europe with wind power generation – February 6th 2012

Turkey has entered the list of top ten European countries in wind power generation after it increased its wind power generation by 36 percent in 2011 when compared to the previous year.

According to European Wind Energy Association, Turkey’s capacity of wind power generation reached 1,799 MW in 2011.

With this figure, Turkey left behind Ireland and clinched to the 10th spot with its amount of wind power generation.

Germany ranked first in 2011 in Europe with a wind power generation of 29,060 MW followed by Spain with a wind power generation of 21,674 MW.

Istanbul’s new financial district – February 10th 2012

Istanbul has a bid to become the financial center of the world

Environment and Urban Planning Minister Erdoğan Bayraktar presented the Financial Center Project to the Council of Ministers.

Getting the thumbs up from Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan the project is thought to become one of the leading financial centers of the world.

The giant project will cover an area of 2,5 million square meters.

Ankara based organizations like Halkbank, Vakıfbank, Ziraat Bank, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency and Capital Markets Board will move their headquarters to Ataşehir district of Istanbul.

Hotels, congress and culture centers will also rise in the financial district.

The center is designed a modern copy of the Covered Bazaar.

The architecture of the little town spared for private banks was inspired by Topkapı Palace.

Life will continue for 7/24 in the area which will leave behind its likes around the world.

Istanbul Financial Center that is planned to be one of the essential points of global trade will offer jobs for 30 thousand people.

Turkey delivers modernized F-16 warplanes to Pakistan – February 9th 2012

Turkey delivered three modernized air force F-16 warplanes to Pakistani Air Forces in a ceremony yesterday, as it has been preferred by this country for this purpose. The ceremony was attended by Deputy Defense Minister Hasan Kemal, Undersecretary of Defense Industry Murat Bayar and Turkish and Pakistani military officers at the TAI facilities. The jets to be fully delivered on August 29, 2014 received a mid-life upgrade (MLU) that primarily involves replacement of avionics and structural modifications. Pakistani pilots will be able to hit all targets by the jets equipped with modernized target systems.

South Korea-Turkey CEO meeting held in Istanbul – February 6th 2012

Speaking at the South Korea-Turkey CEO meeting in Istanbul over the weekend, Korea Importers’ Association (KOIMA) Chairman Ju-Tae Lee said that a great many giant Korean firms have been watching for an opportunity to invest in Turkey. “Turkey is located in the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Middle East. This situation already shows why giant companies such as Hyundai and Samsung have chosen Turkey to invest in. Our association has been making plans and exerting efforts so that Turkish products are further involved in the Korean market,” said Lee, adding that a great many companies which are members to the association were willing to import Turkish products, which is important to ensure that commercial imbalance is removed for producers. The CEO meeting was also attended by Economy Minister Zafer Çağlayan and South Korean President Lee Myung-bak.

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