“Positive agenda” by-passes Cyprus presidency of EU – May 17th 2012

I quote:

“Turkey launches “positive agenda” process today, which will by-pass the upcoming Greek Cypriot administration’s EU term presidency with participation of European Commissioner for Enlargement Stefan Füle. Turkey’s Ministry for European Union Affairs said in an announcement that the positive agenda process was a new way of work to support Turkey’s accession process to the EU. Although it has been stressed that the process was not an alternative to the accession process, it will allow Turkey to directly contact with European Commission on membership talks. During the upcoming Greek Cypriot administration’s EU term presidency, any chapter will be neither opened nor closed. “Positive agenda is not an alternative but, it is aimed at by-passing the Greek Cypriot administration’s EU term presidency,” said sources from the Ministry for European Union Affairs.”

On July 1st 2012, the EU will be in an awkward situation. Why? Because the EU membership of the Greek Cypriots is illegal. Because neither North Cyprus nor South Cyprus can represent independently the whole island in any international organisation. Therefore the loss of credibility of the EU will be at its peak.

Now let’s remind this (October 2011) :

Sweden, Britain, Spain, Italy, Finland and Stefan Füle: synchronicity

I quote that very important information:

“One of the articles envisages that all kinds of efforts be exerted for the Cyprus issue to be resolved in the next six months before the Greek Cypriot Sector becomes the term-president of the EU. Anything to the contrary, the article says, will cause the members to put the blame for insolubility on the Greek Cypriot administration.”

We are in May 2012 and that commitment dates back to more than 6 months. But these countries and Stefan Füle still haven’t stood to their commitment.


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PS. The United Nations are still manipulated by a few countries as regards the Cypriot issue and that‘s why the Greek Cypriot leaders are able to act with impunity against the Turkish side (the Greek Cypriots and their clones of Greece proved many times that they are fond of trying to humiliate – passionately – Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots).

But Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots are already the winners owing to their “Yes” for the peace in the island of Cyprus in 2004.

I wonder if the new French president François Hollande will stop the horrible and disgraceful anti-Turkey propaganda led by his absolutely horrible predecessor who worked hand in hand with the Greek side and Merkel. Time has come to stop once and for all that disgusting Turcophobia.

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