Ankara to adopt EU standards by 2014 – May 23rd 2012

Good news but does that mean that all the EU standards will be implemented by 2014?

Turkey is hopeful of bringing the country into line with EU standards by 2014, European Union Minister Egemen Bağış said May 21. “The important thing for us is not about when we will be a member of the EU; what is important is when we will apply the standards of the EU,” Bağış told private channel Skytürk 360, noting that Ankara would accomplish the goal within the next two years. Bağış, who is Turkey’s chief negotiator in the EU accession process, said 72 percent of Turks think the country’s EU accession process strengthened Turkey’s reform process, noting that the country was conducting the reforms not for EU membership but for its own benefit. “The EU accession process has also made Turkey a source of inspiration for other countries in the region,” he said. Bağış said Turkey’s biggest problem was terror. “After defeating the terror problem, Turkey’s road is wide open.” The minister also said his country was the key nation in terms of cooperation between the EU and NATO. “Europe is aware that they cannot move forward anywhere without Turkey.” Bağış said the country that Turkey feels closest to in the EU is Britain. “We have common interests with Britain.”

OK Britain and Turkey are very close, but politically and militarily.

On the other hand, in my opinion the country of the EU that has many similarities with Turkey is Italy. These countries resemble each other by reason of the importance of family and the deep respect within it for instance. Or by reason of mentality (generally), may it be negative or positive! Another funny example: the Turks and the Italians are used to speaking with their hands.

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