Davutoğlu hails a new chapter in relations with France – June 22nd 2012

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu stated in an interview with CNN Turk that Prime Minister Erdoğan had given essential instructions following his meeting with French President François Hollande in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday, adding that Turkey’s sanctions drop off the agenda due to France’s new position. Davutoğlu also said that he is going to visit Paris on July 5, saying, “After the meeting on July 5, hopefully the stagnation in our relationship will die out.” Davutoğlu said that Hollande proved to be a strong-willed person to put aside the past problems, adding that Sarkozy’s presidential term was incidental in terms of bilateral relations. “Turkish-French relations have the power to take a turn for the better. Our primary attitude is clear. Turkey, its state and government will respect all nations when it is shown respect by them. When there is disrespect for Turkey, necessary steps will be taken for our state honor, dignity of our nation, and national interests,” he said, adding the meeting between the prime minister and Hollande has been a good start for both sides.

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