Hodges: “Turkish army is unbelievable” – December 7th 2012

NATO Army Commander Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges praised the Turkish army on Thursday in the western province of Izmir. “Turkey played a critical role in Kabul. The Turkish army is unbelievable. Everyone trusts them. At the same time they are so disciplined. At all NATO missions that I have been in charge of, I have chosen to work with Turkish officers and authorities. Turkish people have to be really proud of this,” Hodges said. “Turkey has always been a country which has made a big contribution to NATO. I am impressed by the exceptionally talented and experienced soldiers from across the alliance. Turkish officers here have decades of experience in Afghanistan, Libya and the Balkans,” Hodges added.

Yes Mr Hodges, the Turks are proud of what the Turkish army has been achieving since Turkey’s membership to NATO.

May I say the Turkish people are above all proud of their soldiers and army owing to a few crucial and historic events :

in the first instance owing to the impressive, heroic and remarkable victories of Atatürk and his soldiers during the War Of Independence.

In the second instance owing to the founding of the secular Turkish Republic (by Atatürk and his soldiers).

In the third instance because the Turkish army saved the Turkish Cypriots through their legal and legitimate intervention in Cyprus.

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