We lost Mehmet Ali Birand

I feel pain.

Mehmet Ali Birand was a great journalist. Most probably the best of Turkey (with Fikret Bila) and perhaps the best of the world.

He was incredibly courageous.

He knew his job.

Whenever there was some tension within the Turkish society, his analysis was very much expected and always relieved us.

His words were very important.

He was considered as a guide.

He was a reliable compass.

He was besides a very kind person.

He had a beautiful soul. That’s also why he was one of the most loved human being of Turkey.

I exchanged two e-mails with him.

In the first one – which dates back to 2004 – I told him that I was very happy to have discovered him but sad that it was so late.

In the second one I introduced my blog to him and several of my articles such as “A message to the EU : you do not deserve Turkey but the world does need an EU member Turkey”.

He didn’t anwser. I do hope that he read this article. I would be proud if he read it.

In 2004, he said : In my opinion, the AKP doesn’t have a hidden agenda.

I was very proud to have read that. Because that was quite simply true but also very courageous because there was such a hysteria against Mr Erdoğan and the AKP (both in Turkey and in the world). The deep state in Turkey connected to some foreign shadowy lobbies and to the CHP of the horrible Baykal aimed at reducing to ashes the democratically elected and legitimate Turkish government. But they didn’t succeed. Mehmet Ali Birand was objective despite this incredible and dangerous anti-AKP brainwashing which could have jeopardised Turkey’s political stability and its rising economy.

As far as I remember, in 2004 also, he wrote : Actually no EU member state wants Turkey’s EU membership. The EU will say “Yes” to Turkey’s EU membership because they fear of what could happen if they said “No”.

He was always sincere. That’s rare.

I miss him.

Fikret Bila is still here and let us hope that he is healthy.

Yours sincerely,



Veteran journalist Birand passes away – January 17th 2013

Funeral ceremony held for Birand – January 19th 2013

Please read also this article :

Davutoğlu pays tribute to Birand – January 18th 2013

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said that he had felt deep sadness over loss of Turkish veteran journalist Mehmet Ali Birand.

“Mehmet Ali Birand was one of the press members who I followed with admiration. He was doing his job with enthusiasm,” Davutoğlu said while speaking at the Anadolu Agency’s “Editors’ Desk” on Friday.

Noting that he had met Birand first in 1989 at a European Union conference, Davutoğlu said that he was writing his doctorate thesis at that time and had exchanged ideas with Birand.

Davutoğlu said that Birand had made vital contributions to explain Turkey’s image abroad with his precise touch. Stating that he was together with Birand on an occasion on January 11, 2013, “He probably held one of his last interviews with me. He sat next to me and asked his precise questions. We had continued our terrific conversation until 01.00 am.” Davutoğlu said.

“May God rest his soul. He was a personality that should be taken as an example by new generation media members due to his life and journalism ethics,” Davutoğlu said.

The Batman of Foreign Policy and the Batman of Journalism together? That must have been really terrific!

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