A useless and ridiculous demonstration which dates back to a few days has been exaggerated and provoked an anti-AKP mechanism which satisfies especially the CHP and Mr Kılıçdaroğlu. Here’s the story of this demonstration that achieved nothing :

1/ Some people demonstrated because 2 trees were cut (and 10 removed) in Gezi Park – Taksim.

2/ The police used excessive force.

3/ Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan acknowledged that and said those who used excessive force will be judged.

4/ On the one hand, some citizens in various towns decided to demonstrate but that was actually an opportunity to target the AKP. On the other hand many extremists (in various towns too) took advantage of the situation and violence explosed : 150 cars and buses and 94 shops were destroyed. Currently there are still some people who display an anti-AKP stance rather than a pro-democratic stance. Turkey has been for several years more independent and democratic than before. But some people want to make believe the opposite (and the EU commission, which has no credibility, want to teach democratic lessons. Message to the EU commission : Turkey has been a candidate country to the EU since 1999, the negotiations started in 2005 but you still don’t do your job. No chapter has been opened for more than 2 years).

5/ Kılıçdaroğlu said that “Turkish Prime Minister has to apologise to Turkey”. He then said that he took part to the last demonstration “as a citizen”. But I’m not convinced. It’s not a secret : the CHP and Mr Kılıçdaroğlu have been taking advantage of any situation (any situation) to discredit and weaken the current government. They only aim at gaining more votes because they are aware that – once more – they have little chance to win the next elections.

A usual propaganda, just like Deniz Baykal’s notorious art. An example : the previous so-called leader of the CHP said after a train accident which killed several Turkish citizens : “The AKP must resign”. Well some people died, and the same day in the evening Baykal goes to the place of that accident and the only thing he thinks about is to attack the AKP.

Mr Kılıçdaroğlu has been subjectively criticizing Erdoğan as much as he can (the CHP is still in bad hands) :

– for instance some Syrian terrorists – linked to the Syrian government – killed 51 Turkish citizens but Mr Kılıçdaroğlu stated that it is Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan that is responsible, that he is “a killer’. That is a despicable act. That is unacceptable. That is a treason towards the Republic. We have to be united againt terrorism.

– For instance many artists (actors, writers, singers, ….) have been supporting the peace process as regards the PKK terrorism but Mr Kılıçdaroğlu and the CHP disgustingly attacked them and Erdoğan (like the extremists of the MHP). I prefer not to introduce their words.

Erdoğan resolved the Kurdish issue on the one hand and is succeeding in ending the PKK terrorism on the other, but instead of supporting and securing that vital process Mr Kılıçdaroğlu criticizes Erdoğan. He does that. Only that. Always that.

In order to convince that he is a “strong leader” of the Opposition, he often shouts and he thinks by this way that he can impress both his colleagues and the citizens. It is boring. He only cares of the future of his party, whose aim has been to support a military coup hand in hand with the dark circles in Turkey and abroad.

Atatürk’s CHP was destroyed and has been mistreated. I wonder when/if it will be a great party again. I hope it will because in every country we have to have a strong and efficient Opposition.

There are some people within the CHP who are pro-Atatürk but they don’t control much thing.

The CHP has been the tool of those who support military coups : these are businessmen, journalists, judges, soldiers, generals, …. But they lost their power. Not all of them, but a good part of them.

Here’s a long interview – in Turkish and in a few parts – held this afternoon with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan :

Başbakan Erdoğan Teke Tek’te

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1/ Mr Erdoğan said today that his government planted nearly 1.7 billion saplings within a few years.

2/ Many years ago Koç univeristy was built but thousands of trees were cut. Mr Erdoğan, as the Mayor of Istanbul at that time, was against that but nobody demonstrated. And today, two trees were cut and it is like the end of the world. Message to those who demonstrated because of two trees : didn’t you have anything else to do that day? Anything more interesting? And to those who still “demonstrate” in Taksim square : are you looking for adventure ? If the answer is “Yes” you should watch a good movie.

PPS. Mr Erdoğan said that in the past Istanbul was extremely polluted, dirty and paralysed. But he improved that beautiful town of the Bosphorus : thanks to his past and current job Istanbul is becoming more modern and more environment-friendly.

PPPS. I understand that the remarkable economic, political, democratic and environmental success of Mr Erdoğan and the AKP is disturbing, nonetheless one ought to be dignified and not provoke chaos.

PPPPS. Mr Erdoğan announced that a mosque and a church will be built in Taksim.

PPPPPS. When I have some time I will suggest a post regarding what Mr Erdoğan and his government have accomplished since 2002.

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