Political stability is vital. Here’s some of the success of Mr Erdoğan and his government :

1. Economic success :

– Turkey’s debt to the IMF was 23.5 billion $ in 2002. The previous governments did a very bad job. Erdoğan and the AKP paid everything : no debt anymore since May 2013. The Turks are henceforth free.

– Turkey’s exports in 2002 amounted to 36 billion $. They reached 153 billion $ in 2012. The target is 500 billion $ in 2023.

– The reserves of the Turkish Central bank in 2002 amounted to 27 billon $. In 2012 : 105 billion $.

– The GDP in 2002 was 231 billion $. 786 billion $ in 2012.

– The inflation rate was 65 percent in 2002, currently it is around 7%.

– Tourism revenues in 2002 amounted to 8.5 billion $ whereas in 2012 they reached 25 billion $.

– Turkey is the 6th largest economy of the EU (although it is not a member yet).

– In 2002 Turkey’s gross government debt to GDP ratio was 74 %. In 2012 it fell to 36.1 %.

I quote an EU report of 2011 :

EU average in gross government debt to GDP ratio reaches as high as 79 percent. The government debt to GDP ratio which shouldn’t exceed 60 % according to the Maastricht economic criteria are 140.2 percent in Greece, 118.9 percent in Italy, 98.6 percent in Belgium, 97.4 percent in Ireland, 83 percent in France and Portugal each, 77.8 percent in Britain and 75.7 percent in Germany.

Any comment?

– Marmaray, a tunnel underneath the Bosphorus, will be inaugurated next October. It will connect the Anatolian shore of Istanbul to the European shore. Normally it should have been operational two years ago but owing to archeological projects it has been delayed. This is an excellent stance from the AKP but no applause.

– Several new metro lines were built in Istanbul. New lines will be built.

– Several high-speed train lines have been built throughout Turkey. It will continue. Target : 10 000 kilometres.

– A third bridge will be built in Istanbul (but I don’t understand the choice of the name of that bridge : a name of a sultan that was responsible for the death of many people a few centuries ago).

– The world’s biggest airport will be built in Istanbul (with a capacity of 150 million passengers per year). Nearly 30 billion euros will be paid to the Turkish state.

– Turkish Airlines was named the best Airline in Europe.

– Thousands of kilometres of highways (nearly 22 000) and many tunels were built in Turkey, a few airports were built in the East which is developing at last.

– 206 dams were built.

– Tanks, helicopters, warships, warplanes, civil planes, satellites, cars, …. were and will be built.

You can find more information by clicking here.

2. Democratic, social & political success :

– Turkey’s biggest problem the Kurdish issue was resolved : there have been for several years in Turkey Kurdish lessons at universities and schools. Prime Minister Erdoğan created a Kurdish TV and some radios. That is a revolution but many people underestimate or hide that, especially the EU leaders and media. Let us remind that before the AKP came to power in 2002 anyone who would have said that he was a Kurd on TV or in any media would have had problems and been arrested (by the deep state and the so-called Turkish army which was actually influenced by foreign powers). No Kurd was able to sing in Kurdish. Today the Kurdish-rooted citizens feel like human beings, and it’s thanks to Mr Erdoğan and the AKP, and they did that for the Kurdish cultural rights, not to impress the EU. Mr Erdoğan is besides the first Prime Minister who called the Kurdish-rooted citizens My Kurdish brothers.

– The PKK terrorism is being ended.

But strange coincidence : the Gezi Park conspiracy occured.

In the past whenever Turkey was about to be a more democratic country military coups occured. Very odd : immediately after these military coups the EU froze the EU-Turkey relations. Today, instead of supporting the Turkish government or at least cursing those who spread chaos, the EU leaders and media criticize the AKP (whereas it is some policemen who used excessive force). Doesn’t the EU know that there is an objective of provoking a military coup in Turkey? Doesn’t the EU know that Gezi Park is exactly what happened before each military coup in Turkey? The EU media have been shamelessly attacking Mr Erdoğan and the AKP and the situation is not improving. Many Gezi Park happened in the EU, did Turkey worsen these events? Did the Turkish government and the Turkish media try to weaken the governments involved?

Let us remind that the deep state killed Adnan Menderes, a previous Turkish Prime Minister who served his country, and they also killed a previous Turkish president : Turgut Özal, because this one was going to resolve the Kurdish issue.

The Gezi Park conspiracy (both national and international based) won’t succeed.

– The AKP won 8 elections within 10 years (all) and two referenda were successful. But some circles don’t tolerate democracy.

– The AKP partially reformed the – Military – Constitution and their objective is to write a brand new constitution but the deep state sabotages that process.

– Mr Erdoğan and the AKP have full control over the Turkish Army, which had been ruling with impunity the country for a few decades and influenced by foreign powers. Today we have a stronger army and the control is done by the civilians. The Commander in Chief of the Army is the President of Turkey Mr Abdullah Gül, and he is, after Atatürk, the second true Chief of the Army, given that the previous presidents had no real power and were intimidated by the so-called generals. Today, compared with the past, we don’t have a Turkish President, a Prime Minister and a government connected to the Army, but an Army connected to the Turkish President, the Prime Minister and the government. But that democratic change is not in the interest of some shadowy circles.

– May Day has become a public holiday….thanks to the AKP.

– The AKP has been spending billions of Liras for education and health.

– Many hospitals, new universities as well as schools were built in Eastern Turkey.

– Free books have been given to the students.

– Public servants were granted collective bargain rights.

– Some financial assistance has been provided with the poorest households.

– Women victims of violence can leave their home and are able to be protected by the state (new laws were voted but the problem is still not resolved. But who can control violent husbands?).

– Mr Erdoğan courageously succeeded in dismantling many mafia organizations. Hence his power disturbs many people.

– Mr Erdoğan has prevented the Financial sphere from earning (or stealing) easily billions of euros in Turkey. And that’s one of the reasons why some national and foreign circles try to destabilize his government and even provoke a military coup. Easy money was possible in the past, not anymore.

– Turkish Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr Ahmet Davutoğlu (I admire him) and the AKP launched a few years ago the “Zero problem with the neighbours” policy, and that’s been working with many countries. But that pro-peace policy disturbs some countries. However, the “Zero problem with the neighbours” policy can not be efficient if some countries object to it, such as Syria.

– Mr Erdoğan’s Turkey has been sheltering more than 500 000 Syrian refugees.

– Some European leaders tried to force Mr Erdoğan to desert the Turkish Cypriots but the Turkish Prime Minister left the table. Afterwards, the EU-Turkey negotiations started in 2005. That is Erdoğan’s victory. He underlined that the Turkish Cypriots would not be sacrificed.

3. Environmental success :

– 1.7 billion saplings were planted throughout Turkey within a few years.

– Billions of Liras have been spent to protect the environment.

Kanal Istanbul is a huge project that will save for good Istanbul and the Bosphorus. It will be finished in 2018.

– Istanbul is becoming more modern and more environment-friendly, and will besides most probably organise the 2020 Olympic Games.

To conclude, Turkey has been politically stable since 2002 and a virtuous circle has been created. But some circles, some countries don’t want Turkey to become a great democracy and a great power.

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  1. Unlike many phoney European political leaders (lacking political and economic vision, as well as ethics in most cases), Prime Minister Erdoğan is a strong-willed character who appears to have done a lot of good things for his country.

    Of course, there’s a risk that such a strong leader may fall prey to his own dictatorial appetite, but if he has wise advisers, he may avoid this temptation.

    ***************** I bet they are looking forward to redrawing Turkey’s map, as Britain and France did after World War I.

    Sadly, what Erdoğan can’t avoid is the envy and contempt that other world leaders (self-entitled democrats and progressists) will keep throwing at him. This is the simplest explanation for the propaganda machinery unleashed against him and the AKP in foreign media.

    Erdoğan has taken his country out of the IMF’s claws, he has paved the way for economic success, he took an independent stance in international affairs, and he seems to have – it remains to be seen if he did so irreversibly – put the armed forces under civilian control.

    Well, there are so-called great leaders in this world that don’t see these changes favourably; they would rather see Turkey return to the status of Sick Man of Europe, as the Ottoman Empired had been in the last decades of its existence.

  2. Hello MunteanUK,

    sorry for the delay of the approval of your comment. I wasn’t sure if I could approve it because the first part of one of your sentence (even though it is most probably true) mentioned directly some countries. I hesitated but finally I decided to approve your comment but only after having removed the – short – beginning (**************).

    I quote you : Of course, there’s a risk that such a strong leader may fall prey to his own dictatorial appetite, but if he has wise advisers, he may avoid this temptation.

    Although Erdoğan most probably wants to become President of Turkey, I don’t believe that he has any dictatorial appetite. He is ambitious.

    Sadly, what Erdoğan can’t avoid is the envy and contempt that other world leaders (self-entitled democrats and progressists) will keep throwing at him. This is the simplest explanation for the propaganda machinery unleashed against him and the AKP in foreign media.

    Yes, as Hélène Flautre said, the EU is jealous of the role of Turkey regarding foreign policy, and as some English said, some EU countries are jealous of Turkey’s economic success.

    However, I strongly believe that the main reason of the anti-AKP propaganda in the EU/US is to weaken Turkey and prevent it from becoming a world power.

    Anyway, that is what you said through your conclusion about “The Sick Man of Europe”, didn’t you?

    In this post below …..


    …..my message to the EU citizens is : don’t let them fool you about Turkey and the current Turkish government. Don’t let them destroy Turkey as they did in the past. That post is actually an SOS. I was so upset that day that I had to take some medecine.

    As for the “PS, PPS, ….”, I try to explain the anti-AKP propaganda.

    Yours sincerely,


  3. Dear Cem,

    I’m glad that you finally approved my comment, although I don’t understand why you chose to delete a bit of it. It’s your blog, it’s your choice, I can’t mind; I just don’t get it…

    I didn’t mean to offend anyone, but some people in some big countries simply can’t stand Turkey’s rise and they will take every opportunity to weaken it.

    With best regards from Romania,

  4. Hello MunteanUK,

    You are absolutely right about the objective of some people of these countries who want to destabilize Turkey.

    I’m sorry but my objective is to support the peace between Turkey and these countries so that’s why I had to delete these countries.

    It’s not against you. I really don’t want you to feel uncomfortable !

    I am grateful to you for your support to Turkey. I hope that many EU citizens are also aware of what’s happening.

    Yours sincerely,


  5. Hello Cem,
    Although this is an old article I would like to share something here. I have voted for CHP but now I see CHP as a state enemy and I will def for AKP so I am typing as a pro-AKP personality.

    The oppositionists of AKP says ” They say economy has grown but I still dont have money in my pocket, I see nothing ”

    1- As a child I grew up in an environment where every house had extra and extra water-depots cause we had a shortage of water, we always kept one person at house so when the water came it wouldnt flood the house though our house got flooded several times cause the water was coming at night time, they were giving ” gold ” for the people who espionage their neighbours for washing carpets cause it was banned and some of our neighbours were fined for carpet cleaning cause they were seen by officers

    2- As soon as AKP came the schoolbooks were given free, as a university student back then I got bursary from our municiipilaty but later it was cut cause CHP opposed it, saying that AKP was gaining votes for money

    3- I didnt have any pool or gym close my house now in 3 min walking distance I have two gyms plus we have a very big park where they organise free concerts in summers, where we have the luck of listening many popular names

    4- I remember waiting for a bus for 5 hours in Sundays to go to my dormitory now I have much more option to go anywhere, public transportation is way much improved, I cant forget the mornings I was human toasted in buses

    5- In our neighbourhood they tear down an old school and built a new one and it has smart boards, it looks very colourful and sweet and I thought it was a private one

    6- We didnt have a house and we had to pay rent, I remember the times our house-owner wasnt accepting the money we were giving to her, in evening time we were going out to find german-mark

    7- As a child when my neighbour cut the only tree of our street I cried so much, but now in every two meters we have trees

    8- Going abroad was a big thing but now it has become very normal especially for university students ( Erasmus and euro-rail )

    9- Military servise has been cut to 15 months and now to 12 months, slowly we are transforming to a professional army and we are proud of it

    10- In my year there were 1.7 million people who entered the university exams, it was very stressful but this government opened many schools and many of them already started doing projects with their local environment

    11- I never paid anything in university cause I had a scholarshio in a private university but my friends were complaining about university-payments, now they pay nothing

    12- I also have a disabled cousin and her mother gets a salary for taking care of her even though none of them had social security

    13- They were not treating you in hospitals before you signed papers about costs and sometimes rejecting you even when you are about to die, or if you couldnt pay the hospitals were illegally keeping you now those things are past plus we get servise from private hospitals and the social security pays for it

    I can list more and more but when they say the projects of AKP didnt serve anything to the common citizens they simply lie!!!

  6. Hello Meral,

    thank you for your message.

    In fact Turkey has changed a lot.

    And our beautiful country will keep improving.

    The new constitution (delayed), the third airport near the Black Sea (150 million passengers capacity), Marmaray, the GAP project, the high speed train lines, the home-made high speed trains, Turkish Airline’s fantastic successes, the home-made civil plane & military fighter jet, the satellites, the tank, the war ship, the ambitious space project, …..

    What a great perspective!

    We can see a brighter future for the next generations on the horizon.

    Turkey is becoming truly a social state and a great country/democarcy.



    PS. A few comments were automatically approved without my permission. I put them in the spam box.

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