I’m afraid and angry because some have been trying to destabilise and stop Turkey’s democratisation process and economic success.

As a Turkish citizen I am asking the EU citizens (even those who don’t support Turkey’s EU membership) to react. Most of you seek peace and harmony, so make your voice heard.

Don’t let them fool you about Turkey and the current Turkish government. Don’t let them destroy Turkey as they did in the past.

On the one hand the EU politicians are blinded by hatred/racism/a superiority complex, or have the hands tied. The hands tied. They are not able to build a strong EU that could reshape the EU and the world.

On the other hand many EU media are not independent and have been entertaining the EU citizens. That is a diversion. Journalism at its best!

It may be difficult to be aware of that unhealthy situation but the EU citizens have the responsability to wake up at last. They don’t live in a third-world region. The French citizens don’t live in a third-world country.

Yours sincerely,


PS. For 10 days Gezi Park has been used as a pretext to attack and weaken Mr Erdoğan and the Turkish government. It is blatant that all these people are politically and ideologically motivated. They voted, they lost the previous elections and what they couldn’t get through the elections they are currently trying to get it in the streets and several parks.

One can make their voice heard through their leaders for instance, but not through illegal demonstrations or by provoking instability. Besides, the situation is really very ludicrous : some of these citizens (some are kids : 14-16 years old) are in the streets and parks with some tents.

I am very surprised : Turkish TV channel NTV, which I have been faithfully watching since 1996, has been making an anti-AKP propaganda, and this morning that channel even called that illegal occupation “a festival” ! Wow, let’s have a look : some young citizens are camping (in non-authorized and public areas). What a democratic stance! As I wrote on 02/06/2013, they are really looking for adventure.

These people are in several parks and the streets, and some Turkish media try to make believe that they represent the whole population. They say : The Turkish youth or The Turkish people (Türk Gençliği or Türk milleti). Who would swallow that?

Let’s recall that the CHP got 26% of the votes, whereas the AKP got 50 %. The CHP voters – still – occupy the streets and the public areas, but let’s emphasise that no AKP voters have been in the streets. The AKP is so incredibly well-organised that they succeeded in convincing millions of young citizens not to go to the streets. That was “mission impossible” notwithstanding Erdoğan and his AKP prevented a serious clash. I applaud this. When he was back at Atatürk airport (he visited Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia), Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan was welcomed by thousands of voters who expressed their support. That was legitimate and the purpose was to remind that although no pro-AKP citizens demonstrated, it didn’t mean that he was alone. That night, Erdoğan announced that there is (also) the Financial lobbies behind the Gezi Park conspiracy (that’s what I wrote a few days ago (the interest rates are very low : formerly it was nearly 63 %. Today nearly 6%)).

Those who are in the streets and parks are mostly from the CHP and some from the MHP.

The other ones who spread violence, wounded and continue to wound many policemen (who have been doing their best) are extremists linked to illegal and terrorist groups (for instance the DHKP-C), and linked to the deep state.

PPS. Some people keep talking of an “islamisation” of Turkey. But for God’s sake what does that mean? Most of the Turks are of Muslim religion, so Turkey’s main religion is Islam. So what does “islamisation” of the society mean? That makes no sense. Besides, “Islamist” and “Islamic” are different. Instead of making a brainwashing about Turkey, they should investigate about the power of the Greek Church for instance. Well, why don’t they criticise Greece or Saudi Arabia, two countries that are at light years away from the Turkish Republic? Why so much obession about Turkey? Any comment is welcome (especially from the EU media).

PPPS. Alcohol was not forbidden in Turkey, but as in many EU countries the advertising is henceforth forbidden, and it’s not possible anymore to sell alcohol less than 100 metres from schools and mosques. The EU/US media are making a brainwashing.

PPPPS. The AKP is not destroying secularism.

And the AKP considers themselves as Conservative Democrats, not “Muslim Conservatives”.

Also, in Turkey it is forbidden to mix religion and politics, but in the EU we have the Christian Democrats (revealing that name, isn’t it?), who tried to include in the EU Constitution “The roots of Europe is Christendom”. So who is fooling whom? Who is secular and who isn’t?

Well, what have Erdoğan and the AKP done against secularism since 2002 ?

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the Prime Minister of Turkey, but he is also a human being and a Turkish citizen : he believes in God, does the Ramadan and goes to pray in the mosque. Are we in a democracy or not?

An important reminder to those who claim that Turkey is becoming an anti-secular country : even if that was true, what would be the problem? In the EU only 2 countries are secular : France and Portugal. Any comment?

Another reminder regarding tolerance : Erdoğan created the Alliance of Civilizations with former Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero.

PPPPPS. The CHP often repeats We will protect Atatürk’s Turkey/Republic against the AKP. That is so low. Being pro-Atatürk doesn’t mean rejecting the Turkish culture or Islam. But some people in Turkey (such as some politicians of the CHP and their voters, some actors, singers, writers, journalists, …..) do think that : their identity is based on ignorance.

The CHP (and the MHP) manipulate Atatürk to do politics.

Erdoğan and the AKP have never done that : instead of talking endlessly, they have been working hard and have partially achieved what Atatürk couldn’t finish (because he left us too soon in 1938).

I noticed a few years ago that Erdoğan is an excellent speaker.

However, he and his ministers and the various Turkish experts don’t talk uselessly and don’t desperately repeat “We are pro-Atatürk”. They work actually. Night and day.

Have a look at the exhausted eyes of Erdoğan. He doesn’t sleep enough.

He strives for a better Turkey.

PPPPPPS. Message to the pro-CHP Turkish citizens : Türk vatandaşı olarak söylüyorum, CHP’nin darbeci zihniyetinden bıktım. Derin devlet bu kez başaramayacaktır. Düşünüyorum : acaba kim kurtaracak yok olmuş Atatürk’ün CHP’sini ?

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