The EU has always found a pretext to delay and block Turkey’s EU membership.

During many years the two main pretexts linked to democracy were these ones :

– “There is the Kurdish issue, Turkey can’t be an EU member”.

– “The military is not under the control of the civilians, Turkey can’t be an EU member”.

Well the Kurdish issue was resolved a few years ago and the Turkish government has full control over the military. Furthermore the PKK terrorism is being ended (the EU has done nothing to help Turkey regarding these issues).

But the EU created a brand new problem to sabotage Turkey’s EU membership.

They updated their great strategy : they granted the EU membership to the Greek Cypriots.

Given that the Cypriot issue is not resolved, they knew very well that once members of the EU the Greek Cypriots would veto Turkey’s EU path and membership.

Didn’t Mr Verheugen (the EU Commissioner for Enlargement in 2004) know that ?

Today I think that he may have expected the Turkish Cypriots to vote “No” at the referendum of the UN peace plan in 2004.

But the Turkish Cypriots voted “Yes”, and the Greek Cypriots voted “No”.

But the Greek Cypriots were rewarded : they were made EU members one week after. As for the Turkish Cypriots, almost 10 years later they are still isolated.

Mr Verheugen said that the Greek Cypriot government betrayed him in 2004. But I do not think that Mr Verheugen is so silly.

Besides, didn’t Mr Verheugen know that the EU laws stipulate that any country that has frontier disputes can’t be an EU member? In other words the EU membership of the Greek Cypriots is in contradiction with the EU laws.

EU strategy – Update n° CO59UN63TER89MU99SL05IM13 (as Windows software : so useless and so unexpected !) : as if the Cypriot issue was not enough, now the EU and Mr Stefan Füle – the current EU Commissioner for Enlargement – criticise subjectively Mr Erdoğan and his government with regard to the Gezi Park Madness. Mr Füle even did that on Twitter, I swear. A war on information at every levels.

As a Turkish citizen I am disgusted. What should I think? What should I write?

It’s not finished. After the fizzy aperitif, now the dessert. Can you believe that? Apparently Stefan Füle was in the streets during “the demonstrations” in Turkey last Friday. By doing this, he showed his and the EU’s true colours. That was clearly a message from the EU. Well, why didn’t Mr Füle take part to the demonstrations in Greece? Or in the UK?

Oh yeah, I am so blind. Actually the EU loves Turkey so much that they decided to take part to the “demonstrations”. Thanks a lot.

Many EU politicians have been stating that they support Turkey’s EU membership, but they have said that for 50 years. They needed Turkey during the Cold War, but the Cold War is over.

Now let’s have a look in France: what has François Hollande done so far ? The new French president is powerful within the EU but nothing positive about Turkey has been done.

Lastly, here is an important information : according to a Turkish expert, Angela Merkel wants Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan to be replaced because his energy policies represent an obstacle to her industrial interests and lobbies. That expert said that nearly 10 days ago. Perhaps that’s why so many German newspapers targeted the Turkish government regarding Gezi Park.

So Merkel doesn’t want of Turkey in the EU, but doesn’t want of Erdoğan as a Prime Minister neither. Commander Merkel is powerful, the most powerful woman of the world according to the US. She should send her right-hand man Elmar Brok to Turkey. Turkey will grant him the Turkish citizenship for his contributions for the peace between the Greek and the Turkish Cypriots, and who knows, why not replace Erdoğan ?

And Armstrong would say : What a wondeful world.

Yours sincerely,


PS. I quote Cengiz Aktar :

As a high-resolution picture of Turkey 20 years ago, the opinion is valuable for comparisons with today’s Turkey. But it is also a telling avowal of EU’s real dilemma with Turkey’s membership. Indeed, the main reason behind the negative response was Turkey’s poor economy, and therefore, incompatibility with the EU countries’ powerful economies. While arguing this way with Turkey, the EU, on the other hand was embracing central and eastern European countries that were at least as poor as Turkey during those years.

Look at the coincidence: On Dec. 18, 1989, the EU reached a decision to set-up the first comprehensive financial support package, dubbed as PHARE, for countries just leaving the Soviet sphere of influence. Two days later on Dec. 20, 1989, the Commission rejected Turkey’s membership application!

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  1. Dear Cem,
    I completely agree with you when it comes to hypocricy of European countries in their dealings with Turkey (though, the hypocricy is visible in many areas in international politics) or its membership to EU, how EU countries violated the international agreements when Cyprus was accepted as member, and so on..
    However, we need to be very careful when we attempt to explain the recent events in Turkey by a conspiracy driven by EU politicians. (I don’t suggest that current politicians or governments would not have strong issues with Mr. Erdogan and his policies.)
    Ending the unrest peacefully has all the time been there as a practical option but this is not opted for by the government.

  2. Hello erc an,

    I quote you :

    However, we need to be very careful when we attempt to explain the recent events in Turkey by a conspiracy driven by EU politicians.

    The Gezi Park Madness started with a ridiculous and small demonstration. Then that event was exaggerated. The Gezi Park conspiracy isn’t the first demonstration, the Gezi Park conspiracy is what happened after that isolated demonstration.

    I explained who are behind the Gezi Park conspiracy in my previous articles.

    All those behind the Gezi Park conspiracy aim at weakening the Turkish government, and those abroad aim at destroying Turkey’s stability. That is crystal clear.

    Some of the EU politicians (I never said all) have been taking advantage of that current chaos to target Erdogan and his governemnt. There is chaos but the EU prefers to support that chaos.

    You want a proof ?

    The fact that Stefan Füle went to Gezi Park at Taksim Square just after having met Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is revealing.

    The fact that he used Twitter to weaken the Turkish government just after having met Erdogan is much more revealing.

    The last meeting of the EU Parliament with its “democratic lesson” and biased manner is also revealing.

    Did the EU target some EU governments and take any decision regarding the violent demonstrations in their countries those last years ? (Greece, France, the UK, ….? ).

    The EU still keeps on jeopardizing the destiny of 76 million Turkish citizens.

    Please remember what a political adviser of a member of the EU Parliament told ABHaber :

    I’ve been working at the EU parliament for 6 years. When Turkey is dealt with some people press the button and everybody bestir themselves and ensure that the Turkey dossier is concluded negatively. Difficult to understand. There is an unnamed anti-Turkey mechanism at the EU parliament. Completely organized.

    That’s what happening, once more. And it will continue.

    Dear erc an, I quote you :

    Ending the unrest peacefully has all the time been there as a practical option but this is not opted for by the government.

    Erdogan met those who “demonstrated” the first day at Gezi Park. But personnally, I would have sent the police. You can’t camp illegally in parks and streets. Even in the EU/USA it is forbidden. Some of those who camp with their tents have been looking for adventure, but most of them are there because they didn’t vote for the AKP and lost the elections (and we can add all the extremists who want to spread chaos in Turkey). If Turkey was ruled by the “military” and the deep state (as before), these people would not have dared go to the streets because they would have known what the “military” would have done to them (prison, torture). It’s because Turkey is a democracy that they are able to “demonstrate”.

    A Turkish journalist said last week (he is not a pro-AKP, but I forgot his name) that some of those who demonstrate and camp against the AKP display actually their hatred and intolerance regarding the women in Turkey who wear the headscarf (according to them only women with the headscarf voted for the AKP, which is completely wrong).

    I think that this journalist is right.

    To put it in a nutshell, the objective of that conspiracy is to weaken the AKP in order to destroy Turkey’s stability and even provoke a military coup that would put an end to Turkey’s economic and democratic process (and, therefore, to its EU membership)

    Yours sincerely,


    PS. What the anti-AKP voters are trying to do is a civil coup ?

    PPS. http://www.dunya.com/spanish-foreign-minister-expresses-trust-in-turkey-195084h.htm

    PPPS. http://www.dunya.com/balkan-turks-to-rally-to-support-erdogan-195085h.htm

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