EU’s Parliament show

Congrats to the EU Parliament, a big leap for the EU and for Humanity
Shulz gave a call to the Turkish Prime Minister and told him that he was not involved in that vote.
By saying this he just mocked. That’s revealing, this behaviour conveys the true spirit of the EU.
Well the EU Parliament has the time to deal with History but has no time to deal with the long lasting Palestinian problem, and let us recall that the EU didn’t do anything regarding the military coup in Egypt and the killings that occured. The EU simply didn’t want to recognize these violent events as a military coup.
I was afraid when the EU remained silent. The EU and the EU Parliamnent have no creditability.
Intead of giving History lessons to Turkey, the EU ought to look at the Mirror.
Anyway, Turkey has been waiting for 10 years for a response as regards its call to create an international commission of historians to deal with the Armenian-Turkish problem dating back to 1915. Isn’t dialogue the best way to resolve problems ?

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